SUNGAI BULOH, July 23 — Firemen in Sungai Buloh came to a stray dog’s aid after it got its head stuck between the grilles of a metal drain cover for over five hours at Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh.

According to the Sungai Buloh Fire and Rescue Department’s (Bomba) second senior officer, Rosdi Hainan who was the head of operation at the time, they received the distress call around 1.58am today.

“The caller said that the dog had been stuck there since 8pm last night. Initially he thought of waiting until the next morning to help the dog.

“But as he felt sorry for the dog, he called Bomba around 2am this morning,” Rosdi told Malay Mail.

Six firemen from the Sungai Buloh Fire and Rescue Department rushed to the scene to help the stray.  

The operation took less than 10 minutes as the stray, even with its head stuck, remained calm.

“After arriving and observing the situation, we decided to use the hydraulic cutter to loosen up the metal grill cover.

“We cut some part of the metal and once the covers loosened, the dog managed to pull its head out of the covers by itself,” Rosdi said.

The senior officer added that the dog entered the drain through another entrance and had got its head stuck between the grill cover as it was searching for an exit.

“The dog didn’t even run after it was freed from the cover. It just sat there.

“There weren’t any injuries and we just left it there as we were also worried that we might provoke it,” he said.