The US$69 sports bra that’s taking TikTok by storm

The Ultimate Sports Bra by Shefit has become a viral hit in recent weeks. — Picture courtesy of SHEFIT
The Ultimate Sports Bra by Shefit has become a viral hit in recent weeks. — Picture courtesy of SHEFIT

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PARIS, June 22 — How can a mere bra be the subject of so much social media hype? The answer is simple: it meets all the latest consumer demands, in that it’s customisable, adapts to suit all body shapes, and takes pride of place in the athleisure trend that’s been riding particularly high since the start of the pandemic. As a result, this bra already counts tens of millions of views on TikTok.

If you haven’t heard of the Shefit brand yet, then it’s surely only a matter of time. The brand’s sports bras are proving a hit on TikTok, among users all over the world. So why so much hype for a simple sports bra? Mainly made of nylon and polyester, and manufactured in China, this creation may not totally fit with the current green trend, but it nonetheless provides what many women are looking for: optimal and customisable support, a wide range of available sizes, and a certain level of comfort. Or so say TikTokers, in any case.

No looking back

On the Shefit website, the bra is billed as “the first and only fully adjustable sports bra” thanks to its patented “Zip. Cinch. Lift” system. Indeed, the multitude of videos posted on TikTok show that the model is easily adjusted thanks to Velcro, as well as a zipper system. This makes the bra capable of providing support for small and larger chest sizes, offering optimal comfort to virtually all women.

The bra’s many adopters have flooded the social network with videos of themselves road testing their purchases. And while the videos may raise a smile, they also bear witness to the bra’s excellent support, as wearers jump and move in all directions to show off its credentials. Indeed, Shefit promises that the bra is suitable for absolutely all sports, even high-impact activities, from running and cross-training to yoga, horse riding, and more.

Customisation, support and...inclusivity

Obviously, the bra’s primary function is to ensure optimal support — and it’s quite telling that users are so thrilled with the fact that this model actually fulfills that function. But support aside, it’s the inclusive nature of the brand that also seems to appeal. The bra is offered in several colours, several versions and, above all, in cup sizes ranging from A to I, making it suitable for most people. And that’s something that’s far from commonplace at the moment.

In the end, it seems that this bra does a great job of meeting women’s expectations in the endless quest for comfort, customisation and, in particular, inclusivity. The coveted model — the Ultimate Sports Bra — sells for US$69 (RM285.87), but some other variations are proving popular among TikTokers too. Currently, the “#shefit” hashtag has notched up 67.4 million views — although the brand has itself posted many videos — while the “#shefitbra” hashtag has been seen 1.9 million times. — ETX Studio

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