Internet mourns Grandpa Mason, the feral tomcat with a heart of gold

Grandpa Mason went viral for his love of foster kittens. — Picture via Facebook/
Grandpa Mason went viral for his love of foster kittens. — Picture via Facebook/

LOS ANGELES, Sept 21 — It was a sad day for fans of Internet sensation, Grandpa Mason - a once feral tom who won hearts with its affection for kittens.

Grandpa Mason was a feral tomcat, taken in and fostered by cat rescue organisation Tiny Kittens.

While seemingly at death's door, the old tom found a new lease of life when it took interest in the association's rescue kittens.

The Internet was won over by pictures and videos of Grandpa Mason grooming, cuddling and playing with the many kittens that came through Tiny Kitten's doors.

Alas, the cat had reached the end of its nine live; after a diagnosis of kidney failure, Grandpa Mason was humanely put to sleep but not before spending a last day with the kittens who had quite literally help saved its life.

In a statement, Tiny Kittens paid tribute to their unusual mascot and hoped that his presence would help bring awareness about cat overpopulation, and change the narrative about feral cats who are usually considered pests. "Grandpa Mason was worth saving. The heartbreak we are feeling now is nothing compared to the joy and understanding he brought to the world, and the impact he has already had."

RIP Grandpa Mason - may there kittens waiting to keep you company wherever you are.

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