KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — It may be just a simple pair of sport shoes but for a father, it was enough to make him cry.

His daughter using Twitter handle @_MadreNana recently posted a 49-second clip where her father was handed the gift and upon seeing the box, he broke down in tears.

@_MadreNana had wrote that the family decided to surprise the father with an advance 52nd birthday gift.

“So we siblings including my mum decided to surprise our dad by buying him an advance gift which he has been eyeing for almost 2 years but couldn’t get himself one.. Here’s to you, My old man. Happiest 52th Birthday, i love you, we all love you,” she tweeted.

The tweet, which was posted on Sunday evening, had since been retweeted nearly 20,000 times and received 23,000 likes.

Many congratulated the family for their gesture to the man.

One social media user @Sshinechic remarked that @_MadreNana and her siblings were well brought up.

“You and ur siblings are one good kids. Your dad and mum has brought you guys up right. Bless you!”