Excitement, fun await visitors at Resorts World Genting's Skytropolis Funland

Entrance to Skytropolis Funland. — Pictures by Shafwan Zaidon
Entrance to Skytropolis Funland. — Pictures by Shafwan Zaidon

GENTING HIGHLANDS, Jan 21 — Pleasant and cool weather aside, another reason to visit Genting Highlands is because it is a wonderland that can be enjoyed by all. Welcome to Skytropolis Funland.

Located at Resorts World Genting, the indoor theme park re-opened its doors in December 2018 after undergoing an upgrade for over one year.

“We closed in 2017 for a revamp. Previously, it was called the First World Indoor Theme Park. We then had more than one million paying customers annually and we believe many still have fond memories of the old theme park,” said Resorts World Genting theme park senior vice president, Brian Machamer.

Resorts World Genting theme park senior vice president Brian Machamer.
Resorts World Genting theme park senior vice president Brian Machamer.

“The new Skytropolis Funland is even more exciting and I'm sure it will be a theme park people would want to visit again and again.”

He added that there are currently 13 rides available while nine more rides will follow suit in different stages.

“We're confident by April all rides will be made available.”

In the meantime, here are some of the reasons to check out Skytropolis Funland.

Lively vibe

With bright colours and neon lights, Skytropolis Funland has a vibrant atmosphere.
With bright colours and neon lights, Skytropolis Funland has a vibrant atmosphere.

Stepping into Skytropolis Funland, one immediately feels uplifted seeing the colourful and vibrant atmosphere as well as hearing the giggles and laughter from children enjoying the various rides.

Spread across 37,161sqm of space, the theme park is divided into Child, Family and Thrill categories.

Each ride was designed to provide glorious fun and the utmost in safety.

For the young ones, they can start off with Ride `Em Round, a carousel of pastiche elephants, lions and horses.

Pick up the pace in the Whirly Bugs ride, where kids seat in pods that rotate around a central spire.

Boo Boo Bump provides a spin on the classic bumper cars while Jumping Spurs, a child-friendly drop tower with mild drops and climbs will be added soon, said Machamer.

Family fun

Adults can get in on the merriment too, with rides meant for the whole family.

Check out Copper Express, a vintage-style train that “choo-choos” its way along a 61 metre track, providing a visual tour of Skytropolis Funland.

Space Cadets elevates and spins passengers around for an exploration of the “solar system.”

Bring things down to earth with a regal spin on the Royal Carousel, or stay up in the sky in “hot air balloons” in the Balloon Race.

The Balloon Race ride.
The Balloon Race ride.

“Coming soon are the Tea Cups, the Chariot Cruise that loops around the park and the Soaring Ships which offers an aerial view of Skytropolis,” said Machamer.

For thrill seekers

The brave can take things up a notch in Thrill rides.

Start with Bumper Boss, a supersized version of bumper cars, and then prepare to soar high in Sky Tower which takes guests up to the top of a tower at a leisurely pace, only to drop them at high speed to the base.

Disco! is not for the faint hearted as it challenges guests' orientation, swirling them around a disco ball on a rollercoaster track.

Another exhilarating ride is Spin Crazy which shows passengers the world from very different angles where up is down and right is left, looping 360 degrees in the air around a central axis.

Then there is Power Surge, an intense high-flying ride that will have you round and round, and upside down, literally!

A theme park guest waits for her turn to go on the zipline.
A theme park guest waits for her turn to go on the zipline.

If you're not acrophobic, head for the Eagle Landing Zipline which stretches 200 metres across the theme park, and a dizzying four floors from the ground.

Hi-tech entertainment

December also saw the opening of The Void where guests can experience what it's like to virtually step into movies such as Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire and Ghostbusters among others.

“At over 650 square metres, The Void here is the largest in the world and of course the best.

“What's unique about The Void is that it is an untethered virtual reality experience. Before entering The Void, you have to wear a vest, a Matrix-style headset that covers your eyes and ears, and carry a `laser gun'.”

Unlike most virtual reality games, to enjoy The Void there isn't a need for guests to be restricted to certain movements or areas.

All geared up before entering The Void.
All geared up before entering The Void.

For instance, in The Void's Star Wars universe, you are free to roam on an alien planet and spaceship, touch and feel objects like robots, buttons and doors, although these are all in a computer-based simulated environment.

You can even blast your laser guns at stormstroppers and monsters, and if you get a hit they'd be killed right before your eyes.

But, if you get zapped instead, you'd feel a buzz on your vest.

If The Void sounds intriguing, Machamer said another mind-blowing experience awaits visitors.

Come July, a cutting-edge virtual reality area called Imaginatrix will introduce five physical rides that combine virtual reality and rugged activities.

Among others, visitors can experience the adrenaline-rush of skydiving.

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