BRUSSELS, Jan 28 — With more than 14 international restaurants per 1,000 inhabitants, Brussels offers a wide enough choice to ensure that foodies never get bored at dinner. It’s particularly rich in choices for diners seeking out French, Italian and American cuisine.

Michelin-starred restaurants have established Paris, Tokyo and New York as the capitals of fine dining. However, while the quality of their gastronomic offerings has long been recognised, the cities may have some competition when it comes to diversity in the eating-out scene.

Because it’s Brussels that comes in first for diversity of cuisines offered. According to a study by the Remitly payment service, the Belgian capital has more than 2,700 so-called international restaurants.

In relation to the number of inhabitants, this means that fans of dining out in Brussels have the largest choice of restaurants in the world.

By identifying the number of restaurants in each of the 200 cities studied, based on the TripAdvisor database, the types of cuisine served can also be identified. And it seems that Brussels has the richest offering when it comes to Italian, French and American dishes, excluding of course the native countries of these cuisines.

There are other surprises in this report. In France, Bordeaux offers more diversity in restaurant choices per capita than Paris.

Also, the city of Lille is the best, after Brussels, for presenting the most Thai restaurants. And Valencia, in Spain, is the place to go to try Indian cuisine. — ETX Studio