BMW teases iNEXT SUV concept and confirms 2018 reveal

BMW iNEXT Concept teaser image. — AFP pic
BMW iNEXT Concept teaser image. — AFP pic

FRANKFURT, May 18 — BMW has teased a new all-electric SUV from its i sub-brand that’s due to go into production by 2021, the iNEXT.

The iNEXT is a concept that’s another Vision Vehicle along the same lines as the Vision Dynamics concept we were presented with at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.

As well as publishing this rather unrevealing teaser image, BMW has also confirmed the vehicle itself will be unveiled in all its electrified glory later this year.

Up to now, the majority of all-electric cars we’ve been offered by major manufacturers have largely been reasonably compact hatchbacks and sedans.

While a number of mostly Chinese fledgling brands have been touting some larger, SUV-based models, there’s not been much in the way of larger EVs for those who want or need a bigger vehicle and fancy going all-electric, but the iNEXT is expected to be of a similar size to the X5.

Even though we will be seeing the concept in the flesh in 2018, the final production model isn’t going to be made available until 2021.

This will be just one of 12 new fully electric models the Bavarian automaker is going to be introducing by 2025, and we’ll get to see it not long after the BMW i4 sedan.

BMW’s chairman of the board, Harald Krüger, announced the iNEXT during yesterday’s annual general meeting as a new technological flagship of the BMW brand, which will incorporate all the advancements in road mobility made of recent years.

Despite no details of the proposed powertrain being revealed, other than it being all-electric of course, mentioning technological advancements in road mobility suggests that a heavy dose of autonomous tech will be included.

In a statement issued by BMW, Krüger said of the concept: “The iNEXT project is our building kit for the future. It will benefit the entire company and all our brands. For the first time, we are combining all key technologies for future mobility in one vehicle. The iNEXT is fully electric, fully connected and also offers highly automated driving.”

Earlier this year, Alexander Kotouc, the head of BMW I Product Management, told Auto Express: “It’s groundbreaking; the iNEXT will be more of the shape and size of an X5. It will have a completely different interior and be able to seat five people.” — AFP

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