Singaporean jailed for assaulting three women who refused to have sex with him

Abdul Rahman A Karim, 35, was sentenced to about seven months’ jail for attacking and causing hurt to women who had arranged to have sex with him. — TODAY pic
Abdul Rahman A Karim, 35, was sentenced to about seven months’ jail for attacking and causing hurt to women who had arranged to have sex with him. — TODAY pic

SINGAPORE, May 16 — A warehouse assistant who assaulted three women he wanted to have sex with, including an 18-year-old student he had met on classifieds website Locanto, was sentenced to about seven months’ jail yesterday.

Abdul Rahman A Karim, 35, pleaded guilty to three charges of causing hurt to his victims, who cannot be named to protect their identities. He has been released from prison as his sentence was backdated to Aug 21 last year, the day he was remanded.

The court heard that he committed two of the offences while he was out on bail.

One involved an 18-year-old student who had posted an advertisement on Locanto selling her virginity. Abdul Rahman contacted her, introduced himself as Ray, and offered her S$5,000 (RM15,233).

They met up at Aljunied MRT Station on August 20 last year and checked into a hotel room in Geylang. After they both took a shower, she asked for the cash.

However, Abdul Rahman refused and said he would pay after they had sex. When she tried to rebuff his advances, he punched her on the side of her head, grabbed her and forcefully swung her towards the bed.

She started screaming for help, but he covered her mouth with his hand and continued punching her in the head.

He eventually stopped and asked her for oral sex, but she pushed him and continued shouting for help.

She managed to escape when he went to retrieve his clothes, running out of the room naked and squatting behind a dustbin outside another room. A woman let her into her room, and the victim later called the police.

That was not the first time Abdul Rahman had assaulted a woman with whom he was supposed to have sex.

In November 2017, he hooked up with a 21-year-old lounge singer who had also advertised sexual services on Locanto.

Abdul Rahman agreed to pay her S$800 to have sex twice and they met on Nov 29 at a void deck.

He then claimed that he had forgotten the money and asked her to go to what was purportedly his residence. They got into a dispute at a staircase landing, where he kissed and groped her. He continued hugging and kissing her even though she demanded that he pay her first.

Abdul Rahman got angry and punched the woman several times before fleeing.

He was arrested the next day and later released on police bail.

Two months later, he assaulted another woman after being spurned again. On Jan 30 last year, Abdul Rahman arranged to have sex with a woman at another hotel in Geylang, but when they were in the room, the 32-year-old woman changed her mind about having sex.

He became angry, grabbed her arm and pulled her back onto the bed, before punching her in the ribs.

She eventually agreed to have sex with him. However, as he was removing his pants, she reached for the room phone and called the hotel’s reception to report the assault.

This enraged him further and he hit her on the jaw. They eventually had sex — court documents described it as a “quick session of intercourse”. After he left the room, she called the police.

For each charge of causing hurt, Abdul Rahman could have been jailed up to two years and/or fined up to S$5,000. — TODAY

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