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2019/12/31 Spare some thought for immunodeficient patients — Bruce Lim
2019/12/31 20/20 reality of governance in 2020 — M. Santhananaban
2019/12/31 Zakir Naik: A constant thorn in our side — Adam Tan
2019/12/30 To peg or not? — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2019/12/29 Plight of Muslims: Quo vadis, KL Summit? — Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman
2019/12/28 Penang Bayan Lepas LRT – moving people or moving goalposts? ― Khoo Salma Nasution
2019/12/28 Loser teens ― Harold James
2019/12/26 The year of living dangerously — Rais Hussin
2019/12/26 Youth unemployment and jobs guarantee — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2019/12/25 If you want to cut allowances, start from the top — Jasmine Cho
2019/12/25 Syed Saddiq's New Year resolution — Razali Azman
2019/12/25 Malaysia, we’ll be alright — Amir Faizal
2019/12/24 The problems with university rankings obsession — GERAK
2019/12/24 Stronger ringgit: Tackling underlying structural & macroeconomic imbalances — Jason Loh & Alissa Azizi
2019/12/23 Selangor water crisis: Heads must roll — Jeremy Tiew
2019/12/21 Why single out the DAP, Haniff? — Charles Santiago
2019/12/21 Empty gestures on climate change — Bjørn Lomborg
2019/12/20 Rethinking our affordable housing policy ― Jahaziah Lim
2019/12/19 Rereading two national laureates — Wong Soak Koon
2019/12/19 Poverty and domestic violence: Wicked bedfellows — Women’s Aid Organisation
2019/12/19 Europe’s age of humiliation — Slawomir Sierakowski
2019/12/18 Pitfalls of strata living — David ST Loh and Rebecca Lee
2019/12/18 Do we need a ‘Race Relations Act’? — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2019/12/18 People and robots: Working hand-in-hand towards Industry 4.0 — Darrell Adams
2019/12/18 Narendra Modi’s second partition of India — Shashi Tharoor
2019/12/18 The right policy mix can help Malaysians make ends meet — Richard Record
2019/12/17 Taking responsibility for vaccine failure ― Amar-Singh HSS
2019/12/17 The Kuala Lumpur Summit could be same old, same old ― Rais Hussin
2019/12/16 Rise of smart cities in East Malaysia is in the offing — Dayang Shuzaidah Abduludin
2019/12/16 Vaccines and non-citizens: The ‘Health for All’ approach — Tharani Loganathan and Khor Swee Kheng
2019/12/15 The response to polio in Malaysia — Academy of Medicine
2019/12/13 From UK to Malaysia, do our democracies suck? — Rashaad Ali
2019/12/13 The DST in Malaysia: Calibrating the policy compass — Jason Loh Seong Wei
2019/12/12 MACSA supports declaration of assets by members of Parliament — Lukman Sheriff Alias
2019/12/12 The lives you saved — Peter Singer
2019/12/10 HAKAM urges government to expedite pro-human rights reforms — HAKAM
2019/12/10 How to resolve the TARUC funding dilemma — Chong Zhemin
2019/12/10 On vaccination and the propagation of misinformation ― Hafidz Baharom
2019/12/10 Respecting diversity in cultures, identities, beliefs, languages and values to create an inclusive society ― Sarah Gad
2019/12/09 Competent, accountable and transparent TARUC facing political castration by MoF — Pamela Yong
2019/12/09 What the Worry Index is all about — Jamari Mohtar
2019/12/09 Truths about Xinjiang that western politicians and media won’t tell you — Bai Tian
2019/12/07 How much has Wee Ka Siong and MCA personally donated to TARUC and Chinese schools? — Ko Chung Sen
2019/12/05 Why is MCA ungrateful for the RM40m to help TARUC? — Ko Chung Sen
2019/12/05 Will watching porn soon be worse than taking drugs? — Yiswaree Palansamy
2019/12/04 Tattoos and ‘our culture’ — Hafidz Baharom
2019/12/03 Malaysia’s lagging agriculture sector — Murray Hunter
2019/12/03 HIV/AIDS: A call for self-reflection and empathy — Aisha Adam
2019/12/02 Malaysia needs a thoughtful, progressive approach to ‘I Thank Hitler’ ― Tham Jia Vern and Nelleita Omar
2019/12/02 Select Committee reports to Dewan Rakyat (legislature), not to Cabinet (executive) ― Hafiz Hassan