Home minister must decide, not prime minister on Zakir Naik ― Puthan Perumal

AUGUST 15 ― The recent outcry on the preacher Zakir Naik comes as no surprise considering all the controversial issues surrounding him.

That being said, last I checked, security and public order matters come under the purview of the Home Ministry's office, not the Prime Minister's office .

From what has been reported thus far, and from what I gather, it seems that everyone is asking the prime minister to decide on this issue.

To be fair to the prime minister,  all parties concerned should be asking the home minister to make a decision.

Zakir Naik's permanent residency status can be, if deemed necessary, be revoked. However, this must be something that the home minister should sign off on, not the prime minister.

Grouses to the prime minister seem to be misplaced. The home minister must look into these grouses and decide whether a certain individual, whomever he or she may be, is not welcomed in Malaysia for security and public order reasons.

We are dealing with an individual, not a diplomat. If it were relating to a diplomatic relationship issue, then yes the prime minister can have the ultimate say.

But for this current issue of preacher Zakir Naik, the home minister has the final say. Not the prime minister.

We have an administration that does not have the same individual taking on a dual role of prime minister and home minister.

Perhaps this is why the prime minister seems to be not giving any ultimatum on this issue.

The home minister must decide, not the prime minister.

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