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2019/04/30 Muslim-Christian relations in Malaysia: A step forward? — Afra Alatas
2019/04/30 Undermining public confidence in administration of justice — Puthan Perumal
2019/04/30 Malaysian politicians and 'their dangerous radioactivity'? — GJ Parsons
2019/04/29 We recognise the Special Rights accorded to Sabah and Sarawak — Malaysian Bar
2019/04/29 Handling the matriculation mess and overhauling pre-university admissions — Lee Hwok Aun
2019/04/29 What can the government learn from dipping approval ratings? — Nathaniel Tan
2019/04/28 Taman Rimba Kiara and the rule of law or ‘wahyu’ — Saleh Mohammed
2019/04/25 Ruler’s powers under state constitutions — Gurdial Singh Nijar
2019/04/25 When justice is fairly criticised — Nur Rafi'uddin Maswari
2019/04/23 The 5G race: What awaits at the finishing line ― Yiswaree Palansamy
2019/04/23 The role of the Conference of Rulers in the appointment of the Chief Justice ― Gregory Das
2019/04/22 The appointment of the Chief Justice — Gurdial Singh Nijar
2019/04/22 Our Orang Asli children are dying: Do we care? — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/04/19 Open letter to Dzulkefly Ahmad, Minister of Health Malaysia — Dr John Teo
2019/04/19 Stay loyal to principles, always question authority — Nathaniel Tan
2019/04/19 Stop selective official harassment of minority groups — Aliran
2019/04/19 Evidence of state-sponsored violence and discrimination against LGBT persons in Malaysia — 41 NGOs
2019/04/19 CAP, SAM welcome federal government’s clarification about Penang reclamation project — SM Mohamad Idris
2019/04/19 Indonesia's free and fair elections applauded, irregularities should be investigated — IDEAS
2019/04/18 Open letter to Council of Churches Malaysia — Too Xing Ji
2019/04/16 Appeal to the Prime Minister to intercede on behalf of Penangites — Zulfikar Ali Abdul Aziz and Tanjong Bunga Residents’ Association
2019/04/16 Focus elsewhere, Tun — Shafiq Abdullah
2019/04/15 Long-term care for people with severe disability — Amar-Singh HSS
2019/04/15 The powers of the Rulers on the appointment and removal of a mentri besar — G25
2019/04/13 New departure levy strategic to boost local economy — Joshua Woo Sze Zeng
2019/04/12 Penang needs a new economic vision that sustains people and environment
2019/04/12 Rome Statute: The government should not rush others — Amir Jalal
2019/04/12 Teaching the humanity of the people they call patients — Dr Ednin Hamzah
2019/04/12 Constitutional (Amendment) Bill 2019 in accordance with MA63 — Hafiz Hassan
2019/04/12 A lost opportunity for Sarawak’s future — Sipa
2019/04/11 Regarding urban renewal — Badrul Hisham Ismail
2019/04/10 Replacing and appointing the Johor MB: A Constitutional Monarch’s Role — Lim Wei Jiet
2019/04/08 Reintroduce Rome Statute via Parliament — Patriot
2019/04/08 Alleged academic presentation to Council of Rulers: A point by point rebuttal — Lim Wei Jiet
2019/04/08 Be firm, Pakatan Harapan — Pusat KOMAS
2019/04/08 Opposing Brunei’s new laws: Orientalism or moral necessity? — Preeta Samarasan
2019/04/08 The ‘freedom to fail’ is imperative for Asia’s future — S. Mubashir Noor
2019/04/07 Expose the deep state — Ronald Benjamin
2019/04/06 Ambitions are affordable for Asia and the Pacific — Armida Salsiah Alisjahbana
2019/04/05 Suhakam inquiries and enforced disappearances — Surendra Ananth
2019/04/04 MA63, ‘equal partnership’ and the future of the Malaysian federation — Arnold Puyok
2019/04/04 Suhakam findings and the ICPMC — Proham
2019/04/03 Return of the bogeyman of Jews: The game plan of Hadi Awang — Rais Hussin
2019/04/02 No need for a live broadcast of Najib’s trial — Hafiz Hassan
2019/04/02 Najib’s 'tax evasion an act of treason' is self-fulfilling — Ko Chung Sen
2019/04/02 Why we must respect Najib’s right to a fair trial — Ramkarpal Singh
2019/04/02 KL: The world’s ugliest (and most beautiful) city — Terence Tang
2019/04/01 Response to ‘Minister: Putrajaya mulls new law to make polluters pay for clean-ups and damages to environment’ — Ang Hean Leng
2019/04/01 Eliminating corruption in Malaysia — M. Santhananaban
2019/04/01 Good teachers key to improving education standards — Ko Chung Sen