SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 22 ― Apple appears poised to launch a new trend in the world of smartphones. The firm's Dynamic Island feature appeared on the brand's latest iPhone, allowing app info or alerts to be shown in the cut-out notch on the front of the smartphone display. Now, this is set to be more or less copied by Android rivals.

When launching the new iPhone 14, Apple caused a buzz with a new feature bringing life to the traditional cut-out notch at the top of the screen. Called Dynamic Island, it debuted new ways of interacting with the smartphone, showing alerts, notifications or displaying the music player over the notch, all with a fun dynamic effect. Many applications can take advantage of this feature, including Apple Music, Maps and the Timer, as well as third-party programs such as carpooling or sports scores apps.

Initial feedback suggests an improved user experience, which has not gone unnoticed by Apple's competitors. According to the first leaks on Chinese social networks, Xiaomi is already on track to offer an equivalent system on its upcoming Redmi K60.

Inevitably, this feature is expected to appear in a more or less identical form on some Android handsets, from Xiaomi and other manufacturers, as long as these smartphones still have a notched display -- whether with a wide or teardrop-shaped cut-out. It remains to be seen when consumers will be able to enjoy such new features. ― ETX Studio