PARIS, April 16 — Speedcam Anywhere is a British mobile application that lets users measure, with great accuracy, the speed of any car, just by filming it for a few seconds. Currently only available in the UK, it is, not surprisingly, proving somewhat controversial.

With this application, anyone can turn their smartphone into a mobile speed camera.

To find out the speed of a car, all you have to do is point your mobile device camera at the vehicle and film it for a few seconds (in a stationary position, without following it).

The film will then be analysed, and the vehicle’s speed calculated to an accuracy of about 3 km/h.

Note that the application works on the basis of credits. For £14.99 (approx. RM82.90), you are entitled to analyse no less than 1,000 videos. Each video is uploaded to the publisher’s servers and analysed by algorithms.

The result is a complete and precise report sent by email. This report indicates the precise location where the action was filmed, as well as the speed of the vehicle, compared to the authorised speed.

This report also specifies the air quality and the noise pollution level of the area, as well as the latest road accident statistics.

While the application is able to identify the make, model and year of the vehicle, it does not record the license plate number and therefore does not provide any information about the owner of the car.

This application has been designed for use in urban areas, where pedestrians are particularly at risk from speeding vehicles.

It is recommended to use the application while standing at the side of the road. In no case should it be used from a moving vehicle.

The publisher specifies that in Great Britain, it is authorised to take pictures of private property and people in public spaces, with the notable exception of minors.

However, the law varies from country to country, which explains why, for the moment, Speedcam Anywhere is only available in the UK, on Google Play (Android) only. — ETX Studio