SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 16 ― Contrary to popular belief and in the face of an extremely common habit for many of us, it is advisable to leave your most frequently used applications open rather than systematically closing them. Restarting them over and over again will require much more energy and will therefore be harmful to your battery over time.

Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, it isn't necessary to close your mobile applications as soon as you stop using them. On iOS as well as on Android, it has actually now been demonstrated that constantly closing your mobile applications to reopen them later in the day is counterproductive and in fact uses more battery power than leaving them constantly open. Running in the background uses less energy than having to start up an application over and over again.

This advice particularly applies to the applications that we use the most, including the large assortment of social networks. For applications that are only opened occasionally, it is better to close them immediately.

Closing a mobile application and reopening it a few minutes later is not only detrimental to battery life, but also to the device's RAM. The less powerful a smartphone is, the more important it is to leave frequently used applications open. In any case, it's a win-win option, both in terms of performance and endurance.

Obviously, if an application slows down, freezes or shows signs of a bug, you should absolutely close it and then relaunch it. But if it shows no issues and you use it regularly, it's better to leave it open all day. ― ETX Studio