The robot dog that senses human emotion (VIDEO)

The Koda robot dog can also spend time playing with children. — Picture courtesy of Koda
The Koda robot dog can also spend time playing with children. — Picture courtesy of Koda

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SAN FRANCISCO, Jan 30 — American startup and artificial intelligence (AI) specialist Koda has unveiled a surprising robot dog that can sense human emotion and adapt its behaviour accordingly in each situation — whether that’s playing with the kids, surveilling the home or assisting a partially sighted person.

The idea is to develop a robot dog that’s as sociable and intelligent as possible, a fully robotic pet capable of meeting multiple demands.

Unlike other robot dogs — like Sony’s cute and amusing Aibo, or Boston Dynamics’ advanced Spot — Koda’s robot dog is designed to respond to its owner’s different emotional needs.

Whether a trusty companion or a guard dog, playing with or supporting its users, Koda’s behaviour relies on a blockchain-enabled shared, decentralized artificial intelligence system.

Basically, all the experience gathered by one dog benefits all the others, wherever they are, and whatever their uses and day-to-day situations.

In fact, the more there are owners of these dogs, the more their performance will be honed to respond in an almost instinctive way to the orders of their “masters.” Each dog will effectively learn from its peers over time.

Koda will also rapidly be able to detect if its owner is happy or sad. Among its other qualities, the Koda robot dog can detect gas leaks or fires thanks to its dedicated onboard sensors. It can climb stairs, and even walk over gravel and ice.

This robot is 80 cm long, weighs 25 kg and can move at speeds up to 12 km/h. It is equipped with 3D depth cameras and a 13-Megapixel camera.

This unique dog is expected to sell for around US$50,000 (RM202,125). A US$1,000 deposit is required to reserve a model. — AFP-Relaxnews

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