Netflix ‘Our Planet’ documentary series landing April 2019

Alastair Fothergill’s ‘Our Planet’ documentary series is co-produced by the director’s Silverback Films. — Pic courtesy of Netflix France
Alastair Fothergill’s ‘Our Planet’ documentary series is co-produced by the director’s Silverback Films. — Pic courtesy of Netflix France

LOS ANGELES, Nov 10 — With environmental concerns increasingly on the agenda, more and more production studios are taking interest in the theme. After National Geographic showed its One Strange Rock documentary series in March, it is Netflix’s turn to tackle the subject with an eight-part documentary titled Our Planet, revealing Earth’s most precious and fragile treasures.

It has taken Netflix four years, almost 600 crew members and 3,500 days of filming across 50 countries to make this new documentary series packed with breathtaking images of planet Earth. Soberly titled, “Our Planet,” this eight-part miniseries will be available on the streaming site from April 5, 2019.

The production promises to reveal the stunning extent of the blue planet’s diversity. Viewers will discover rare species and fragile natural habitats, taking in scenery as diverse and breathtaking as the frozen Arctic wilderness, the lush jungles of South America and spectacular sub-Saharan landscapes. The stunning images have been filmed using the latest 4K camera technology.

For this ambitious project, Netflix has partnered with the British nature documentary producer, Alastair Fothergill—one of the top filmmakers in the field, responsible for producing and directing acclaimed documentaries such as Blue Planet in 2004 and Planet Earth in 2006. To narrate this voyage to the four corners of the Earth, the streaming giant has signed up the world-renowned British naturalist and broadcaster, David Attenborough. Narrators in other languages will be unveiled soon.

Raising awareness

The project evidently has a strong environmental dimension, and Netflix has partnered with the WWF conservation organization on the project.

Our Planet is our most ambitious endeavor to date, we hope it will inspire and delight hundreds of millions of people across the world so they can understand our planet, and the environmental threat it faces, as never before. ... By launching on Netflix at the same time all over the world, this series will enable people to connect to and understand the shared responsibility we all have. We are genuinely all in this together,” said Alastair Fothergill.

“Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our home but there’s still time for us to address the challenges we’ve created, if we act now. We need the world to pay attention,” David Attenborough added in a statement.

The documentary series is reminiscent of the National Geographic production, One Strange Rock, which aired March 25. This too explored planet earth with stunning 4K footage and with narration from Will Smith. — AFP-Relaxnews

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