HIP2 and PlaTCOM’s support to innovative Malaysian SMEs (Part 2)

NEUTO is the first smart hydrogen cleaning system with multiple engine testing tools, complete with IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-sharing technology.
NEUTO is the first smart hydrogen cleaning system with multiple engine testing tools, complete with IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-sharing technology.

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 7 ― Today, we are sharing information on the rest of the innovations that our SMEs have taken to market with PlaTCOM’s support via High Impact Programme 2 (HIP2).


“PlaTCOM provided constant and consistent support on business strategy evaluation & enhancement as well as technology feasibilities, financial planning support for growth and legal advisory.”

Sector: Retail

Product name: High Heels with Interchangeable Heels

Mestrae interchangeable heels are high heels that can be converted into flats, or a different height, shape and colour of heels.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided guidance and support which includes technology valuation - mechanical solutions, testing (beta testing /regulatory testing), long-term product building feasibility (engineering, shoemaker capabilities), market needs (target market), protection of product (Intellectual Property, copyright, contracts, Non-Disclosure Agreements), financial growth & support.

 MIFF Holding SdnBhd

“On behalf of MIFF Holding, it’s a great pleasure to work with a knowledgeable commercialisation specialist who was able to advise us on the do’s and don’ts. Disbursements were very smooth and efficient.”

Sector: Halal Technology

Product name:Bioclay

A personal care product for home and family. The products come in the form of soap bars, powder, bottles and liquid dispensers to suit the household’s need. Claymiff is the main ingredient in the production of Bioclay product which is formulated as a naturally effective detoxifying agent. All ofBioclay Products are certified halal by Jakim.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided comprehensive facilitation and funding to develop the product and go to market.

 Nasmech Tech SdnBhd

“The commercialisation specialist was energetic, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Her calmness and patience was a great help to us during the process.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name:Multiclean Air Pollution Control System

Multiclean air pollution control system has 3 cleaning stages, which effectively and efficiently remove fumes and solid particles from incoming boiler flue gas; utilisingAtomising Quenching, Multi-Throat Venturi Rods and Entrained Separation in compliance with the more stringent 2014 regulation requirement of below 150 mg/m3.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided support for the high initial capital requirement to leverage on first-mover advantage for the new regulations to set up a pilot facility.

 Neutrinos Engineering SdnBhd

“PlaTCOM’scommercialisation specialist was very helpful in promoting our solution to interested parties.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name: NEUTO Dry Hydrogen Auto-Therapy

NEUTO is the first smart hydrogen cleaning system with multiple engine testing tools, complete with IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud-sharing technology. Within 30 minutes, NEUTO can reduce emission, restore power and improve fuel economy.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided Product Validation during Proof of Concept and Prototyping Stage followed by Market Verification and General Acceptance.

 One Team Networks SdnBhd

“PlaTCOMcommercialisation specialist was very helpful and understood what our challenges were during project implementation stage. We receive the planned disbursement of funds without problems, thanks to the systematic procedure we have in place.”

Sector: Green Tech

Product name: Mosquito Home System

Mosquito Home System’s (MHS) solution for reducing mosquito population, begins when female mosquitoes are lured to lay their eggs in MHS, attracted to the lure of proprietary formulations within MHS. Eggs deposited within this ingenious solution have reduced chances of developing into adult mosquitoes, and female adults help transfer MHS to hidden breeding habitats within the next 24 hours, after which these mosquitoes perish.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The HIP2 funding has facilitated MHS in attracting the target market. The company has stayed its course in building on the strengths of the MHS solution’s proven long-term results backed by medical research.


“Our HIP2 commercialisation specialist was very attentive, patient and understands

that there are multiple challenging aspects in commercialising an innovative product.”

Sector: Green Tech

Product name: Smart Power Gear

Each power gear is as smart as an ant, and thousands of them form a colony to empower complex human activity; they are the building blocks for the most economical and most energy efficient Smart city.

How HIP2 has helped them:Due to the unique nature of our system, commercialisation barriers – that include public data rights and fund raising issues - are in many instances unique and unsolvable. Our chances (of overcoming these barriers) have vastly improved when huge opportunities were discovered during HIP2 facilitation.


“PlaTCOM was the first organisation to believe in ParkEasy and without their support, it would have been much more difficult to commercialise.”

Sector: ICT

Product name: ParkEasyThis mobile app allow users to reserve their car park at ParkEasy parking bays available at select locations. Users are guaranteed their parking spaces via proprietary IoT-enabled (Internet of Things) parking equipment installed at ParkEasy parking bays.

How HIP2 has helped them:

Back in 2015, HIP2 facilitation enabled Pixelbyte to run their pilot system in Sunway Pyramid. While the present system is different, it is an evolution of that first pilot.

 Pure Spectrum Technologies SdnBhd

“The process of funding disbursement at PlaTCOM was efficient.”

Sector: ICT

Product name:MyFon

The 1st in Asia SIM-card dual function SIM-card that can be used in both mobile phones and MyFon public phones through credit sharing capability, made available in prepaid and postpaid package.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided the funding for Proof of Concept, testing and validation as well as exposure to potential markets via exhibitions organised by PlaTCOM Ventures.

Recogine Technology SdnBhd

“The commercialisation specialist has been very helpful in overall HIP2 programme. He follow up closely with our progress, gave immediate response in all our queries and helped to connect with other key market players for commercialisation of our product.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name: RECOTRAFFIC

Smart camera for live incident tracking and crime combatting

How HIP2 has helped them:

The major barrier was the lack of funding to develop the product, which HIP2 has facilitated and ensured a smooth journey. The IP filing and regulatory certification are some of barriers we overcame with the help of HIP2 facilitation.

TKS Winwell Equipment SdnBhd

“Overall, the programme is really good. Our commercialisation specialist was reliable and helped us a lot on the project from the start until the end. We were able to connect with the commercialisation specialist at anytime to solve any issue.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name: Water Oil Deep Fryer Fresco

The invention works by having the frying oil float on top of a layer of water which then traps food debris for easy extraction. This method optimises the quality of the fried product and improves the taste. This solution is also a healthier than conventional deep frying oil method which re-uses oil that contains food debris. The oil also maintains its colour as opposed to conventional methods.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The programme provided the funding as well as a complete end-to-end facilitation and advisory role to develop the new product.


“The HIP2 appplication process is really great. It has helped us to prepare a Gantt Chart, list of milestones and targets to take the product to the market.”

Sector: Agriculture

Product name: Tray Seeder X

Tray Seeder X is a seeding machine that help farmers to sow seeds 20 times faster compared to conventional processes. This product also help farmers to reduce their labour costs on the ground.

How HIP2 has helped them:

HIP2 accelerated our business faster to reach the market. In order to penetrate the market, a lot of things need to be considered: packaging, marketing, multi-language booklet, presentable marketing tools and market validation. All of this would have been difficult to prepare without HIP2.

YJACK Technology SdnBhd

“The whole team at PlaTCOM gave their best guidance and support to us. Without PlaTCOM, there wouldn’t be YJACK.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name: YJACK Bi-directional Pile Load Test.

The YJACK Bi-directional Pile Load Test is a patented new invention in pile testing. It is a static bi-directional pile load test which is cost-saving, time-saving, green and safe.

How HIP2 has helped them:

The funding allowed YJACK to speed up the product development and commercialisation process. The guidance and support allowed YJACK to move to the market on the right track. 

Zazen Health Solutions SdnBhd

“The HIP2 team were very prompt and helpful. They made it easy for us to communicate and getting the project completed successfully.”

Sector: Engineering

Product name: Zazen Scalar

Zazen Scalar is a technology that generates zero-point energy to help harmonic healing. It is a non-invasive form of healing to restore health and well-being.

How HIP2 has helped them:

HIP2 facilitation has helped ZHS upscale from a small scale scalar device to a larger (300 core) unit. With the help of HIP2, we overcame the challenges throughout our R&D, prototyping and commercialising process.

HIP2 has thrived under PlaTCOM Ventures and has driven it through to its current success. PlaTCOM has become an integral part of the local innovative SME community and well as the Malaysian innovation ecosystem. These success stories are just the beginning of our long-term commitment to being an important contributor to the national economy.

For further information, please contact us at [email protected]

* Viraj Perera is the CEO of PlaTCOM Ventures Sdn Bhd – the national technology commercialisation platform of Malaysia — a wholly owned subsidiary company of Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) formed in collaboration with SME Corp Malaysia.

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