SIBU, June 21 — Sibu Division has seen an increase in hand, food and mouth disease (HFMD) cases with a total of over 500 cases reported for the first six months of this year.

According to Sibu Divisional Health Office (DHO), the division recorded 174 cases for week 24.

Although it is high, it is expected based on the current trend throughout Malaysia, it said.

It also reported that the HFMD cases in Sibu Division are all mild.

“No deaths or severe cases such as (being) intubated or admitted to ICU reported.

“In general, HFMD cases in Sarawak mostly involve children below four years old. About 75 per cent of those infected with HFMD are below four years of age,” it said.

The onus is on parents to take preventive measures against HFMD infection, it advised.

“This includes practising a high standard of personal hygiene and taking showers immediately after reaching home. Avoid touching your children if you have not showered.

“And when bringing children out, use hand sanitiser frequently and wear face masks,” the health office added.

Meanwhile, a town hall session was organised on June 11 to brief 469 participants, comprising teachers and operators of kindergartens, on HFMD preventive measures.

DHO has inspected 248 early childhood learning institutions such as kindergartens and nurseries. — Borneo Post Online