SIBU, Dec 5 — Nangka incumbent Dr Annuar Rapaee will not be complacent despite having high chances of winning the 12th Sarawak Election.

During his visit to the 12th state election media centre here today, he said that he never takes every election for granted.

“This election I will not be complacent despite people saying that I can still win without even going to the ground.

“Not that I feel it is a threat, but I want to make sure this election is part of a referendum of what I have done for the last five years, whether people agree or not.

“From that, I can find out whether what I have done was sufficient or otherwise and whether I have been working hard or not. I want to see the results,” he said.

Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Minister of Local Government and Housing, said that he would have to work hard to encourage people to go out and cast their vote.

He said due to Covid-19, people may not be that keen to exercise their rights as voters.

‘That is why we have to work hard to make sure people cast their vote,” he said.

Furthermore, he said that they needed to convince first time voters with a substantial increase of voters in Nangka from over 18,000 in the previous state election to over 23,000 now.

“When I first contested in 2011, the number of voters was only 14,000. It jumped to over 18,000 in 2016 and today, we have over 23,000 voters.

“There are a lot of new voters and we have to convince them,” he said.

Earlier, he dismissed accusations that he could only be seen on the ground during election period.

“I may not be able to fulfill everybody’s wishes and requests. I am not perfect but if people think that I only come out during elections, they are definitely wrong.

“I am not around only during elections. I think people know that and I do not have to prove that.

“So that is why I feel bad when people say something like that. I have been working hard during the last five years since 2016,” he stressed.

Dr Annuar also said that he would not ridicule or resort to using personal attacks against his opponents in the election.

He said the voters nowadays were mature and wise and they would look to a candidate capable of proving themselves and offer bright future to the people.

“That is why I told my election machinery and some youngsters helping me in the campaign not to tell people not to vote for this candidate or to vote for the other candidate.

“I want them to highlight what I want to do and what I have done for the people.

“I do not give them a single sen but there must be a reason why they want to support me.

“I do not want to ridicule my opponents. They have the right to contest. Let us face this election in a very democratic way and let the voters decide,” he said.

Also present were Sarawak Information Department deputy director-general Ajes Tuah and Sibu Information officer Rosman Zaini. — Borneo Post