Tourism Malaysia to promote Bung Bratak Heritage Centre in Sarawak

Minos (front) with Tourism Malaysia officials at Bung Bratak. — Borneo Post Online pic
Minos (front) with Tourism Malaysia officials at Bung Bratak. — Borneo Post Online pic

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KUCHING, Oct 24 — Tourism Malaysia (Sarawak office) will help to promote Bung Bratak Heritage Centre overseas through its offices worldwide, says chairman of Bung Bratak Heritage Association Datuk Peter Minos.

In a statement yesterday, he said he had briefed seven Tourism Malaysia officials when they came to visit Bung Bratak Thursday about its history, its sentimental and cultural values to the Bidayuhs of Jagoi-Bratak in Bau and Lundu, and what it had to offer to tourists and visitors.

“What attracted the Tourism Malaysia officials the most was how the Bidayuhs from Sungkong came and settled at Bung Bratak some 750 years ago.

“They were also impressed by the living style at the Bidayuh historical site  —  the greens and primary tropical forests, flora and fauna, the waterfall, the beautiful mountain scenery and the Bidayuh cultural heritage through the two longhouses, baruk and the bamboo bridge,” he said.

Her added that the officials thought the centre was ‘very local, original and authentic that foreign tourists will love’.

The officials also told him that ‘foreigners, especially Western tourists, love living nature and the natural environment’, and ‘not the city malls and things for they have them all and are tired of them’.

Minos also said if and when the fund was there, the very summit of Bung Bratak being flat and the size of a football field, would be turned into a viewing and camping area.

“It will be a hit for campers, especially the adventurous youths eager to enjoy nature and roughing it out,” he said. — Borneo Post Online

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