KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 8 — Malaysia’s new Covid-19 cases today fell for the second day in a row to 375, however, its death toll rose to 146 after five people succumbed to the coronavirus, said the Ministry of Health.

Health Director-General Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said that the majority of cases today were from areas designated under targeted restricted movement orders or from prisons.

“Majority of the cases are from clusters in TEMCO designated areas as well as prisons. This means they are separated from the rest of the country,” he said in a press conference.

States recording new cases today are Sabah (271), Selangor (36), Kedah (16), Kuala Lumpur (12), Labuan (10), Sarawak (eight), five new cases each for Johor, Terengganu and Perak, two cases each for Putrajaya and Negri Sembilan, and one case each for Melaka, Pahang and Penang.

Five new clusters were also announced which were the Tujuh Serangkai and Tanamera clusters in Sabah, Jalan Pantai Cluster in Kuala Lumpur, Bah Arnab Cluster in Sarawak, and Bah Bangat Cluster in Labuan.

Of the 3,703 active cases now, 60 are being treated in the Intensive Care Unit, with 20 of them needing to be intubated.

Today’s five new deaths were all from Sabah, which is a red zone for the virus.

Breakdown of the 375 cases today

Sabah registered the highest number of Covid-19 cases today at 27 — all of which were local cases. Six cases from the Ramai-Ramai Cluster, five cases from the Laut Cluster, three from Benteng LD Cluster, three from the new Tujuh Serangkai Cluster, two from the new Tanamera Cluster and 252 new cases from Covid-19 screenings done.

In Selangor, 12 new cases came from the Jalan Meru Cluster, four cases from returnees who have come back from high risk areas and 20 cases from Covid-19 screenings.

Kuala Lumpur recorded eight new cases from the new Jalan Pantai Cluster, two from returnees from high risk areas and two foreigners who recently arrived from Belgium.

In Labuan, eight new cases were reported from the new Bah Bangat Cluster while two were recorded from returnees from high risk areas.

Sarawak discovered three new cases from the new Bah Arnab Cluster, one from a returnee from a high-risk area, two from Covid-19 screenings and two foreign cases from India.

Johor registered two new cases from the Bah Puchong Cluster, two new cases from returnees from a high-risk area and one from Covid-19 screenings.

In Terengganu, one case was discovered from a returnee who was from a high-risk area whilst four more were discovered through Covid-19 screenings.

Negri Sembilan registered two new cases from returnees who were from high risk areas, whilst Putrajaya registered one new case from Selasih Cluster and one new case from a returnee from a high-risk area.

In Melaka, one case was discovered through Covid-19 screenings and in Penang, one new case was registered from the Penjara Reman Cluster.