KEPALA BATAS, Sept 28 — The Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia will continue to monitor the health of Malaysian students who were evacuated to Jakarta from haze-hit Riau, said Deputy Foreign Minister Datuk Marzuki Yahya.

He said if there were students with serious health problems, the ministry would consider bringing them home.

“We have brought home 131 of our students from Pekanbaru and Jambi, while others who have not yet received their student visa or KITAS (Limited Stay Visa) have been transferred to the Malaysia Hall in Jakarta. We did not bring them back to Malaysia so as not to interrupt their visa application.

“So, in the case of students suffering from severe coughing, our embassy in Jakarta is closely monitoring them. So far, there is no request for them to be brought home, but if their situation is serious, we will bring them home,” he told Bernama.

He was met after closing the “Dambaan Kasih Mahligai Kafa”, which was attended by more than 5,000 Year 5 students who will be sitting for their Kafa Class Assessment Test (UPKK) next week.

Marzuki said parents or guardians of the affected students could contact the Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia for the latest information and development on their children.

He also thanked the Malaysian Embassy in Indonesia and Consul-General in Pekanbaru for their cooperation in handling the situation. — Bernama