Man attacks car with parang in latest road rage episode caught on dashcam (VIDEO)

A screengrab from YouTube of a man attacking a car with a parang.
A screengrab from YouTube of a man attacking a car with a parang.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 4 — Another road rage video has surfaced, this time showing a motorist hitting a car with a parang.

The video dated June 3 was uploaded to video-sharing platform YouTube yesterday by user “jackie ng”. It is not known where the incident took place.

It shows a blue Honda Civic cutting aggressively in front of the victim’s vehicle from the left.

Once in front, the road-rager’s car stops abruptly in the middle of the road during heavy traffic and two men are seen alighting.

They head towards the vehicle while pointing and gesticulating angrily.

The driver of the blue car shows the middle finger to the victim’s dashcam and proceeds to walk back towards his car.

The passenger does the same, seemingly unperturbed that their actions were being recorded.

The two return to their car and drive off, but stop and alight again.

This time, the driver exits with a parang and slashes the victim’s front windscreen and checks to see if his weapon is damaged.

He returns to his car and the cycle appears to repeat but the video stops at this point.

The road rage incident is the latest since a motorcyclist was sentenced to 12 months’ imprisonment for smashing a car’s windscreen with his helmet.

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