DAP’s Vivian Wong says shocked, humbled at landslide victory in Sandakan contest

DAP’s Vivian Wong Shir Yee said she was humbled by the big majority. ― Bernama pic
DAP’s Vivian Wong Shir Yee said she was humbled by the big majority. ― Bernama pic

SANDAKAN, May 11 — Jubilant and excited at her win, Vivian Wong Shir Yee said she never expected such a big win that would overtake her father’s unprecedented majority.

The 30-year-old impending Sandakan MP told reporters she was thankful to the people for giving her the opportunity to represent them, but Wong said that she was humbled by the big majority.

“I never expected to accumulate such a huge majority. I just tried my best and I was very surprised as well because I had additional voters to help me win,” she said referring to voters from Sim Sim and Berhala who had previously voted for Barisan Nasional.

Wong said she wanted to live up to the people’s expectations of her and her father’s legacy. The fact that her voters were also her father’s biggest supporters was not lost on her.

“They also hope that I could do as good a job as my father,” she said, adding that he had built a good foundation for DAP in Sabah which had the people’s trust.

The party had early declared themselves the winners after their unofficial results put them at more than half of the 54 per cent voter turnout, and ahead of their nearest rivals by more than 10,000 votes.

As of the time of interview, the official results had yet to be announced by the Election Commission.

Wong said she was tired and exhausted from the two weeks of campaigning.

“Actually I’m still fine probably because I’m still young. My seniors prepared me for the mental and physical stress of being an elected representative and I’m still learning to cope with it. Talking to the media makes me nervous but I have pulled through,” she added.

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