PAS cleric berated for mocking Indonesian rockers swept away by tsunami

Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani also made a similar post on Facebook .— Facebook/Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani
Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani also made a similar post on Facebook .— Facebook/Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 25 — A PAS leader has been excoriated by hundreds of Instagram users for posting an insensitive comment ridiculing the death of Indonesian band Seventeen's members during the recent Sunda Strait tsunami.

Selangor PAS Ulama wing deputy chief Ahmad Dusuki Abdul Rani had posted a video of the Indonesian band's performance before the stage collapsed as it was hit by the tsunami, and had instead pointed out that people should stay away from vice as "it courts suffering".

However, the post which has had over 41,000 views and more than 1,000 comments received condemnation from various users who questioned the cleric’s faith and attempt to “dakwah”, or evangelise.

Ahmad Dusuki’s attempt to take advantage of the situation by listing three bank account details requesting for donation for his tahfiz school also backfired.



User @johnlemmonn called the preacher out, saying that he was chasing popularity and using a tragedy to promote and request for donation for his own tahfiz school.

"Looks like you can't wait to be the first to ‘dakwah’. That man was in tears because he lost his wife, his best friends, hundreds died. You are so busy chasing popularity while promoting one of your paid talks. Is this your version of ‘Our way is the Prophet's way’?” he asked.

Meanwhile, musician @opiyusof sarcastically asked Ahmad Dusuki whether his bandmates can get a “free pass to heaven” if they donated to his tahfiz school.

"Ustaz, are my bandmates and I hellbound? Or if we donate to you we can enter heaven without going through Judgement Day?" he said.

User @desitaa13 who claimed to be Indonesian said it was painful to read the caption since her fellow countrymen had lost their lives and many have lost family members.

Another user pointed out that it was a natural disaster and even if an Islamic nasyid group was up on stage performing, they would have perished too.

With no warning, the powerful, volcano-triggered tsunami swept over popular beaches on southern Sumatra and the western tip of Java and inundated tourist hotels and coastal settlements.

In March this year, Ahmad Dusuki had reportedly led a “solat hajat” prayer session during its 10th anniversary of being in the Selangor administration, in which the congregation had prayed for the destruction of Pakatan Harapan.

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