LRT3 too close for comfort

Residents of the gated community at Damansara Legenda are seeking the realignment of LRT3 tracks to the other side of the highway. — Malay Mail pic
Residents of the gated community at Damansara Legenda are seeking the realignment of LRT3 tracks to the other side of the highway. — Malay Mail pic

PETALING JAYA, Nov 19 — Acknowledging its positive benefits and improvement of public transportation, residents of the affluent gated community Damansara Legenda remain concerned about the Light Rail Transit 3 project bordering their perimeter wall.

“We have no objections to public transportation improvement but remain fretful over the proximity,” Residents Association president Rick Low said.

Owned by Prasarana Malaysia Berhad, LRT3 is a 37km transit line that will connect Bandar Utama to Klang.

“Our grievance is only with the proposed alignment known as GS02 passing near Damansara Lagenda as our homes are within 13m to 22m from the proposed alignment,” he explained.

The GS02 track is proposed to connect two stations at Lien Hoe and Dataran Prima.

According to Low, the piers for the LRT track will be 13m to 14m high and will run parallel to the rear of Damansara Lagenda’s boundary wall.

Long-time resident and structural engineer Chong P.C. said the boring process that will take place during construction would potentially cause damage to their residential area.

“They will be drilling on a slope, right next to our boundary wall and it does pose a risk of cracks or even collapsing. It could even damage the structures within the boundary,” he said.

Low added that all efforts to obtain a Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment report from Prasarana have been in futile.

“They told us that they have done the report but we have yet to see or receive anything concrete,” he said.

The upscale gated residences are home to 119 families, with 104 semi-detached units and 15 bungalows.

Worried for the safety of their homes and families, Chong said he hopes Prasarana would cooperate with their request.

“To be completely honest, we are all phobic over having an LRT just a few meters away from our bedrooms. If a disaster happens, it will be devastating,” he said.

To facilitate a 600 car parking bay Park and Ride scheme, the Shell station and KFC adjoining Damansara Lagenda will be acquired and a projected provision with access through Jalan PJU 1A/1.

Foreseeing worsening traffic, Rick said it will also cause indiscriminate parking along the road.

“It is already congested during peak hours and the additional traffic attracted by the parking scheme will definitely add to it and further.”

Low added that Damansara Lagenda will be the only neighbourhood in the area that will be completely surrounded by LRT3 facilities.

“We will be completely surrounded and getting in and out of our neighbourhood will be difficult for residents,” he said.

Another resident, Puan Sri Karen Lim, said the LRT3 project will bring about environmental and social impact on the neighbourhood.

“I’ve always prided myself as one of the early residents of Damansara Legenda, having lived here since May 2006, but now there will be a big change that is going to happen as a result of this project,” she said.

Residents also expressed concerns about the impact of noise pollution and dust on their quality of life.

The proposed parking bay area is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2018 and the entire LRT3 project is expected to finish by 2021.

Chong also questioned the necessity in building another train station in their area as there are many existing ones.

“We have Lembah Subang LRT nearby, Ara Damansara MRT less than a kilometre away , Kota Damansara MRT few kilometres away and there are the Glenmarie MRT and Kelana Jaya LRT stations with park and ride facilities as well,” he said.

Proposing the station and track be relocated opposite at the Aman Suria commercial zone, Chong said the area has more than sufficient land space for the station and parking facilities.

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