Here are 10 shows that slipped past the censor's sexual orientation sensors

English actor Benedict Cumberbatch played Alan Turing, the forefather of the computer, in ‘The Imitation Game’. — NYT videograb
English actor Benedict Cumberbatch played Alan Turing, the forefather of the computer, in ‘The Imitation Game’. — NYT videograb

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KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 ― With Power Rangers now being halted in cinemas due to a character’s sexual orientation, we cannot help but wonder how the following, among others, were given the okay by the Malaysian Film Censorship Board.


The Imitation Game

The film tells the true story of British mathematician and cryptanalyst Alan Turing who cracked the Nazi’s “unbreakable” Enigma code, which helped Britain win World War II. Turing, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, was gay and convicted for his sexuality.

The Hangover

Flamboyant Chinese gangster Leslie Chow, played by comedian Ken Jeong, mentions his bisexual nature in the film.

Jennifer’s Body

Megan Fox, who plays the title character Jennifer Check, gets possessed by a flesh-eating demon and is easily mistaken as heterosexual at first but as the film progresses, we are introduced to her bisexual proclivities.


Ahead of its release, actor Ryan Reynolds and director Tim Miller promised Deadpool will be the first comic book film starring a pansexual superhero. The film was given an adult-only rating for its gore and violence but there was no mention of the character’s sexuality.

Sex and the City 2

A chick-flick would not be complete without the archetypal gay confidant and this film spin-off from the popular Sex and the City sitcom has two. Sex and the City 2 opens with a gay wedding where Carrie Bradshaw’s friend Stanford Blatch marries wedding planner Anthony Marantino in an over-the-top ceremony.

TV Series


Apart from the music, the Fox hit is quite possibly remembered for its hilarious character, Kurt Hummel, an openly gay character who is bullied at school. Kurt dated gay schoolmate Blaine Anderson in season 2 of the Fox series.

Family Guy

Stewie Griffin, the sarcastic infant in this satire is a closeted bisexual. Creator and star Seth MacFarlane said in an interview, “We all feel that Stewie is almost certainly gay and he’s in the process of figuring it out for himself.”


Snarky billionaire Nolan Ross, played by Gabriel Mann, dated both men and women in the series.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This American rom-com musical has a main gay character, Darryl Whitefeather and two recurring homosexual characters, Maya and “White Josh” Wilson.

Modern Family

In a true representation of a modern family, Cameron Tucker (played by Eric Stonestreet) and his husband Mitchell Pritchett (played by Jesse Tyler Ferguson) have an adopted Vietnamese daughter named Lily.

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