KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 29 — Malaysian Laeticia Raveena has won the Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 pageant last night, transgender activist Nisha Ayub announced today.

In a post on her Facebook profile congratulating her, Nisha said Laeticia has made the community proud and “deserved to be the queen”.

“I’m happy that they divided the pageant to Miss Gay and Miss Transsexual that shows the organiser is aware of the difference and diversity of gender identity, sexuality and expression in within the umbrella term of transgender .

“Congrats again to you dear Laeticia. You made the community proud,” Nisha said.

Nisha later confirmed to Malay Mail Online that Laeticia is a Malaysian who is currently residing and working in Bangkok.

In a public post on her Facebook profile on Friday, Laeticia had posted her thanks to her supporters ahead of the final decision, coupled with a few photographs from the official photoshoot for the pageant.

“Thank you soooooo much for all your love, support and generous undying encouragements to each and every one of my causes, projects and endeavours. I cannot do any of these things without the love and support of all my loved ones, family and friends.

“Whatever the outcome tomorrow night I already feel like such a winner with such an amazing life-support in all of you,” she said.

Laeticia describes herself as a pastry chef and model on her profile.

On its website, Miss Gay and Transsexual Australia said it is an annual beauty pageant held in Melbourne, and the biggest and most prestigious pageant in that country for female impersonators, transvestites, drag queen performers and transgender women since founded in 2009.

Miss Transsexual Australia said it aims to promote visibility of transgender women and build awareness of transgender rights, promising cosmetic surgery as the top prize.

Transsexuals refer to those who were born with the physical appearance opposite to their gender identity, and desire to permanently transition to the gender they identify with with medical assistance.