Missing Malaysians in Flores found drowned

JAKARTA, April 17 — The two Malaysians reported missing at the Cunca Wulang waterfalls in the Mibeliling district in Flores, Indonesia yesterday, were found drowned.

Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Datuk Seri Zahrain Mohamed Hashim, when contacted by Bernama, said the bodies of Mohamad Azfar Tahir, 23, from Kuala Lumpur and Mohammad Ezzaq Azumi, 23, from Kelantan were found at 11am and 1pm respectively today.

The body of Wenseslaus Hendro Akung, 39, a Flores resident believed to have been their guide, was also found in the same place at 3pm.

Zahrain said all the bodies had been taken to the nearest hospital and the embassy was making arrangements to bring the remains of the two Malaysians to Kuala Lumpur later today.

Mohamad Azfar and Mohammad Ezzaq together with two other friends, Mohamad Qayyum Pirdous, 23, from Perak, and Mohamad Imran Helmy Had, 23, from Kuala Lumpur, were in Flores yesterday for a holiday.

Mohamad Qayyum said he did not jump into the water after seeing his two friends and the guide disappear immediately after diving in.

Mohamad Azfar was said to have gone for a swim as soon as they arrived there but when he did not surface, Wenseslaus went in to look for him.

However, when Wenseslaus was also seen struggling, Mohammad Ezzaq jumped in to help, but in the end, all three disappeared under the surface of the water.

Seeing what happened, Mohamad Qayyum went in search of help and contacted the police.

The search-and-rescue efforts began at 3pm yesterday but was halted at 5pm when it became dark.

The operation was resumed at 6am and all the bodies were found at the bottom of the waterfall.

In KUALA LUMPUR, the Malaysian Foreign Ministry (Wisma Putra) said it will assist in repatriating the bodies of the Malaysian victims.

In a statement issued, Wisma Putra said the bodies would be brought home as soon as possible.

“The Foreign Ministry and the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta would like to extend our condolences to the families of the victims in this tragedy,” Wisma Putra said. — Bernama

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