Parole system gives second chance to prisoner, says Perlis director

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ARAU, Feb 24 — Approaches and practices to rehabilitate prisoners under a parole system will reduce the rate of recidivism of ex-convicts into the prisons nationwide.

Perlis Prison Director, Assistant Commissioner Ong Chiang a/l Ong Boon Yieu said the system would help the prisoners to undergo various rehabilitation programmes for a better life in the prison.

“Through this programme which was implemented since 2008, the prisoners who served their sentence will get a chance to choose two methods either to stay in the prison based on the release by parole order or staying with their families during the rehabilitation process.

“The second choice will at least reduce the prisons’ expenses,” he said after the celebration of the 226th Prisons’ Day at the Perlis Correctional Centre, here today.

Ong said a minimum requirement for convicts to qualify for parole was to undergo a minimum sentence of one-year jail or at least half of the sentence and also receive family support, accepted among the community and have good character.

“It is difficult to rid the public stigma against ex-prisoners. However they must be given the opportunity to be a better people for the community and country,” he added.

Ong said currently six convicts in Perlis were paroled in the state and managed to abide the rules.

“The majority of People on Parole can start their new life and adapt well in society after undergoing the parole order.

“We will also assist them to find jobs as a preparation after they were released,” he said.

Earlier Ong presented medals to 40 officers and staff of the correctional centre who were promoted and had excellent service record. — Bernama

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