Gang killings on the rise in Klang over drug trade war

Drug-related gang violence is on the rise in Klang. — MMOL graphics
Drug-related gang violence is on the rise in Klang. — MMOL graphics

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PETALING JAYA, Feb 16 — Killings have escalated in the gang war over control of the drugs trade in Klang, with another key gang member shot dead in an apparent act of revenge.

The latest gangland-style execution on Saturday night was 1.5km from the place where Gang 24 leader M. Gunasegaran, also known as Asli Guna, was stabbed to death last Wednesday.

Police said they are looking at a series of tit-for-tat murders between Gang 24 and Gang 36.

A gang fight allegedly took place at an undisclosed location in Banting last Friday, but the fight was not reported to the police.

The gangs are fighting for control of three areas: Banting, Kampung Jawa and Teluk Panglima Garang.

Selangor police formed a special task force following the death of Asli Guna in the hope of tracking down at least 200 gang members, with 11 arrested so far, including a foreigner.

In the latest killing, a 26-year-old Gang 36 member was shot at four times — supposedly by Gang 24 members — in Taman Jaya Utama, Teluk Panglima Garang.

A police source said the man, a known criminal with a history of violence and drug-related offences, was shot dead at close range, about 700m from his house.

He was found dead inside his Proton Wira.

“He had two gun shot wounds to his face, another two to his neck and chest,” said the source.

Police believe the murder was revenge for Asli Guna’s death.

Selangor CID chief Datuk Mohd Adnan Abdullah said police were looking at gang rivalry over drugs as motive for both murders.

Gang 24 members took to the streets en masse in Klang during Asli Guna’s funeral procession, in a defiant sign of open war last Thursday.

“The gang members are behaving blatantly and are challenging each other, but we have come up with a strategy to stop them,” Mohd Adnan said.

“We know what we are doing and will seize control of the situation.”

Mohd Adnan said Klang and Banting were safe and there was no reason for residents to be worried.

“Eight suspects were first arrested following the murder of Asli Guna and another three suspects were detained yesterday morning,” said Adnan, adding that most suspects had previous drugs convictions.

It is for this reason police believe the rivalry between the two gangs — on the police’s Most Wanted list during Ops Cantas in August 2013 — has erupted into violence.

Selangor police yesterday released the photo-fit of a man believed to be involved in Asli Guna’s murder.

“The suspect wanted is M. Shanmugam, aka Sunboy, 31, and his last known address is Jalan Dendang, Taman Sahabat, Klang.”

Asli guna was having a drink with a friend at a restaurant when a group of men attacked him with machetes.

He was previously held four times under the Emergency Ordinance and detained in Sepang. He also had prior convictions for armed robbery and drugs.

Gangs 24 and 36 are involved in extortion, organised crime and robbery, mainly targeting business operators.

They are known to recruit new members from schools.

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