Ministry says bioresonance treatment not recognised in Malaysia

The Pakistani national passes himself off as a doctor in his calling card.
The Pakistani national passes himself off as a doctor in his calling card.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 3 — The man behind the “magic healthcare centre” in Kuala Lumpur is not registered with Traditional and Complementary Medicine (T&CM) of the Health Ministry.

T&CM’s Dr Maznah Wazir confirmed there was no record of Pakistani Muhammad Ali Khalid Muhammad Zahir in the registry of traditional and complementary medicine practitioners.

It was learnt that Muhammad Ali is operating at Bioresonance Health Solutions Centre in Pekeliling Business Centre without a work permit. Checks with the ministry also showed that bioresonance treatment was not a recognised modality in Malaysia.

T&CM assistant chief director Dr Rimah Melati Ab Ghani said the practice involved 90 per cent human energy during treatments and that medical machines were not used.

“We are aware that bioresonance treatment is being practised in other countries but in Malaysia, it Is not a recognised modality. The use of equipment involving electron waves is illegal,” she said.

Dr Rimah said The Malay Mail was the first to bring to the ministry’s notice such treatment being practised here.

“We received a lot of applications from practitioners who wanted to practise various treatments that are not recognised in Malaysia, but not bioresonance so far.

“Some local and foreign practitioners have tried to gain registration with our department when they got rejected by other departments under the Health Ministry — thinking they had an easy way out.

“But, we have strict guidelines and we ensure practitioners adhere to them.”

She said a foreign T&CM practitioner needed a work permit to operate here. T&CM has about 13,000 members nationwide in its registry.

Asked what action T&CM could take against errant practitioners, Dr Rimah said they could only investigate and pass the information to the relevant authorities such as Companies Commission of Malaysia, Immigration Department and the police.