PETALING JAYA, May 13 ― A woman in Singapore is desperately looking for her dead Syrian hamster whom she believes has been reincarnated into living the same life as a hamster again.

And for that, Mindy (not her real name) has been making public appeals to hamster groups in Singapore to help in locating Taffy’s reincarnate and offering a S$500 (RM1,575) reward.

Taffy died after living for 18 months in December last year.

Although Mindy knows that her story might seem ridiculous, she has also asked for the help of friends who are on friendly terms with her to help locate the hamster.

Singapore news portal Mothership reported that Mindy’s quest to find Taffy started when she met an animal communicator after she had plans to end her life when Taffy died.

“My will to live died along with Taffy. But I approached an animal communicator although I was doubtful about it in the first place.

“Although I was afraid of getting scammed, the trustee gave me the confidence to initiate my first ‘session’.”

‘Session’, she described, is a term used in animal communication circles to describe the time in which animal communicators help pet owners and pets connect.

It took Mindy one session to put her doubts away and trust this animal communicator method to retrieve her ‘dead Taffy’ back.

Suffering from dysthymia, or known as persistent depressive disorder (PDD), Mindy has also been diagnosed with major depressive disorder (MDD) for the past five years.

As a result, she was in and out of the hospital.

During that time, when she was down and depressed, she would turn to Taffy to play with.

Mindy also started her new online venture selling treats for hamsters and small pets after being inspired by Taffy.

“I started the business because Taffy was very fussy about her food ― she would only eat certain brands of freeze-dried tofu.

“But it makes me happy to buy these treats for her,” she said.

It is reported that her online store has been quite recognised among the hamster circles in the republic.

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