PETALING JAYA, Jan 4 — A group of young men have been criticised for using a hotel’s bathroom sink to cook instant noodles.

In a 19-second TikTok clip, one of them can be seen making instant noodles in the sink next to the toilet at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

“Tips to eat Maggi (noodles) in a hotel when you don’t have a bowl,” the video’s caption read.

The young man’s ‘hack’ failed to impress social media users who were furious over the unhygienic preparation of one of Malaysia’s most beloved instant meals.



“This attitude of eating instant noodles from a pail as you do in boarding schools should be left there,” one user commented on Twitter.

Many users also voiced sanitary concerns over consuming food from a sink.

“Even though the sink is clean, I can’t accept this, I’m imagining guests who spit and do whatever else in the sink. Why would you eat from a sink, that’s crazy,” another chimed in.

Some social media users criticised the group of friends for their lack of empathy for the cleaning staff who would have to deal with inconsiderate guests.

“Do you know that it is people like this who make it hard for housekeeping to clean up the room? Let’s not make things difficult for others,” the comment read.

Many pointed out the simple solution of buying cup noodles if bowls weren’t available in the hotel room.

“You can afford a hotel room but can’t pay for cup noodles, this is so strange,” another said.

The boys were also slammed for seeking cheap publicity just to gain views on social media.

“I bet they didn’t even eat the noodles, just for content’s sake,” said one comment.

The TikTok clip which was posted on Twitter by the user @TikTokBerguna has been viewed 1.1 million times at the time of writing.