Indonesian couple writes to president requesting to maintain 18 names of their son on his birth certificate

An Indonesian pair have been fighting for three years to get their son’s birth certificate with his unique name. —Pexels pic
An Indonesian pair have been fighting for three years to get their son’s birth certificate with his unique name. —Pexels pic

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 11 — A couple in Tuban Regency, Indonesia, has been struggling with the civil registration system after giving him a lengthy name containing 18 names in total.

Their son, Rangga Madhipa Sutra Jiwa Cordosega Akre Askhala Mughal Ilkhanat Akbar Sahara Pi-Thariq Ziyad Syaifudin Quthuz Khoshala Sura Talenta, nicknamed Cordo, was born in January 2019. 

Cordo’s father, Arif Akbar, has been waiting for three years to get his son’s birth certificate to be processed at the agency, reported Kompas.

He added that they were even told to change Cordo’s name but the couple refused to pick up the suggestion claiming that Cordo’s 18 names have profound philosophical connotations that embody their aspirations and prayers for his future.

“I’ve been fighting for three years to process my son’s birth certificate at the agency. 

“Every time we visit the office, we were told to wait,” he said. 

“The last time, we were offered the solution to change my son’s name.

“The meaning of his name is for him to become a worldly figure who is known across the world, an individual who doesn’t think narrowly, or primordially, but has global insight as well as the initiative and power to realise his great insight. “

According to Asiaone, Arif and his wife have written to Indonesian President, Joko Widodo requesting that his paperwork be completed in order to maintain his name. 

They stated that their son must have proper documents in order to enrol in school.

Population and Civil Registration Service head in Tuban Regency Rahmad Ubaid said that the civil register system in the region had a tight restriction of 55 characters including spaces.

He went on to explain that the authorities were not requesting the couple to alter their son’s name but to modify it to a maximum of 55 characters to fit into his official birth certificate.

Cordo is not the only case of unusual names given by parents. 

On June 20, 2021, the child of a Philippine web developer became viral after his mother revealed on Facebook that his name was HTML.

Last year, an Indonesian girl made headlines when it was revealed that her legal name was ‘Y’ which is the final letter in the Jawi.

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