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2019/07/29 Where else can you put a tombstone? Johor man tweets about neighbour’s ‘unique’ way of ‘booking’ parking spot
2019/07/29 Earth’s 2019 resources ‘budget’ already used up, report indicates
2019/07/29 28 days later, French deep-sea divers back from the depths
2019/07/29 Carlos Cruz-Diez, major figure in kinetic art, dies at 95
2019/07/29 Meghan Markle guest edits British Vogue
2019/07/28 The Urban Farmer: Teaching urbanites in Kuala Lumpur to be healthier by growing their own greens
2019/07/28 African satirist Mamane plans drama school to promote ‘freedom’
2019/07/28 In 21st century, threats ‘from all sides’ for Latin America’s original languages
2019/07/28 Ugandan entrepreneurs cook up eco-friendly dryer to cut food waste
2019/07/28 Poland needs to save water for (non-)rainy day
2019/07/28 Early onset of puberty in girls linked to higher risk of migraines
2019/07/28 World Hepatitis Day: How we can all help prevent hepatitis
2019/07/27 World’s largest concert piano strikes chord in Latvia
2019/07/27 Beating the heat at Bulgarian mud ‘spa’
2019/07/27 Karachi vice: Pakistani cop channels police stories into gritty novels
2019/07/27 Budapest ‘selfie museum’ a hit with Instagram generation
2019/07/27 In Georgian valley, war-scarred women battle tradition to make a living
2019/07/27 Giant ‘SingaPop’ floral displays, free shows at Singapore's Gardens by the Bay in August
2019/07/27 Nearly eight in 10 ‘vacation deprived’ Singaporeans would take a pay cut to get more time off, survey shows
2019/07/27 Space jam? Companies risk clutter, conflict in race for the skies
2019/07/26 Touching, flirting: Malaysian expert weighs in on why foreplay is important for sex
2019/07/26 Pride and love: What Pahang teacher in viral tweet on bringing Orang Asli students for his wedding feels about them
2019/07/26 For the AV geek in you: KL International AV Show rolls back the years with vintage equipment
2019/07/26 Another dish has been boba-ed: This time a Sabah restaurant ramen gets online attention
2019/07/26 Definitely not Grabfood, Kelantan health clinic uses riders to send meds to patients
2019/07/26 Malaysia Airlines' 'Travelicious Deals’ are back, offering up to 35pc off on airfares to all its network until Aug 5
2019/07/26 RM31m building backlash: News resurfaces on Korean child YouTuber's parents using her for profit
2019/07/26 Malaysian NGO holds virtual run to raise funds for endangered river terrapins
2019/07/26 Sabah among first to end AIDS? Malaysian AIDS Foundation holds gala to realise goal
2019/07/26 Fashion mourns end of the line for Sonia Rykiel
2019/07/26 Notre-Dame cathedral site, schools shut over lead fears
2019/07/26 Mediterranean-style diet can help prevent diabetes and weight gain in pregnant women
2019/07/26 Purpose of currently dormant Tesla Model 3 camera outlined in patent
2019/07/26 St Ives brings the great outdoors to US cities with new beauty bus (VIDEO)
2019/07/26 Muji clamps down on waste with new shopping bag policy
2019/07/25 Skipping breakfast may encourage poor dietary habits in teenagers
2019/07/25 Disease and dirty water: Residents deplore life in Syria camp
2019/07/25 Shrinking glaciers and rockfalls point to climate change in Alps
2019/07/25 Russia hatches plan to become top tourist draw
2019/07/25 Fleeing poverty, crime and Bolsonaro, Brazilians choose Portugal
2019/07/25 Cancelled races, fainting players: Climate change turns up heat on sports
2019/07/25 Grannies for future: 100-year-old German enters politics
2019/07/25 When used every day, e-cigarettes could help smokers quit tobacco cigarettes
2019/07/25 ‘Healthier’ bubble tea: This PJ hospital shares useful Facebook tips for enjoying your sweet treat
2019/07/25 20th-century warming ‘unmatched’ in 2,000 years
2019/07/25 Employing the deaf: Bangsar Starbucks ‘silent baristas’ get ‘Coffee Masters’ title
2019/07/25 Flying Frenchman falls into sea on Channel crossing bid
2019/07/25 MPH Bookstores inks partnership with Shopee Malaysia to offer exclusive promos to book lovers
2019/07/25 Alpine climbing routes crumble as climate change strikes
2019/07/25 After working as cleaner to fly parents to UK for graduation, student gets job at Malaysian audit firm