Watch Jose Andres rap, dance and saute with daughters in fried rice tutorial (VIDEO)

Chef Jose Andres in 2011 — AFP pic
Chef Jose Andres in 2011 — AFP pic

NEW YORK, April 2 — In a six-minute cooking tutorial, chef Jose Andres sings, dances and raps to the Hamilton soundtrack, while sauteeing carrots and peas with his daughters, showing viewers how to cook Chinese fried rice.

Why Chinese fried rice? A beautiful gesture of solidarity for the people of China.

“It's my homage to you, all the people of China, yes, you who have been going through a lot of hardships, and you are beating this virus and we want you to know that the people of America and the people of the world, we are with you.”

The gesture also comes as anti-Asian sentiments and xenophobia against Asian Americans and Asians in general are on the rise.



And of course we are listening to Hamilton during these times we are not throwing away our shots.. or our leftover vegetables! @WCKitchen Fried Rice Get everything cut & ready before you start cooking because once you turn on the heat, it goes quick!! Mince some ginger if you have it (garlic if you don’t .. or nothing) and chop up all of the vegetables you have in small bite-size pieces – carrots, Chinese cabbage, leeks, scallions, celery, onions, cauliflower, broccoli you get the idea. Take some peas out of the freezer, some corn in a can, hell .. if it’s a vegetable it’s good! If you have any meat leftover you can cut that up too, because vegetables LOVE a little meat for flavor. Scramble some eggs, or use leftovers from breakfast, and have a bowl of cooked rice from last night ready. Then you cook! Heat up olive oil in a pan and cook the ginger until it smells so so good, then add the vegetables & keep stirring. Add a little salt and taste ALWAYS taste while you’re cooking to make sure it’s how you want it. When the vegetables are getting a little soft, toss in your eggs, your rice, some soy sauce and saute for like 2-3 more minutes .. .and then you have your Fried Rice! 🥢🍚👨 🍳

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To make the tutorial more interesting, Andres tries to cook the family meal within the time span of the song My Shot.

The Instagram TV show offers an intimate peek into Andrés's home life, as he cooks alongside his three grown daughters in his home kitchen, using up humble ingredients like carrots, peas, cauliflower, eggs and rice to make a quick dinner. — AFP-Relaxnews

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