MILAN, Nov 9 — Italian manufacturer Brembo is presenting a revolutionary new braking system, capable of adjusting the degree of braking pressure applied to each vehicle wheel in relation to the circumstances, thanks to particularly “intelligent” algorithms. In addition to improving safety for the driver and passengers, this system promises to extend the lifespan of the vehicle’s brake discs and even to reduce its CO2 emissions.

Called Sensify, this new braking system combines conventional components (calipers, discs and friction materials) with software based on artificial intelligence. Its data management and predictive algorithms aim to improve, and above all, make the driving experience as safe as possible, offering the driver optimized braking performance in all conditions. But how does it work?

This system works thanks to sensors placed on each wheel. In fact, the software can determine, in real time, on which wheels to apply more braking pressure and on which wheels to release a little pressure from the brake disc. Independent management of the car’s four wheels offers a smoother and, above all, safer ride.

Sensify is also billed as a more sustainable braking solution. Indeed, thanks to the individual management of each wheel, braking will be less harsh overall, and will therefore contribute, on a certain scale, to reducing the vehicle’s CO2 emissions, while also extending the lifespan of braking components.

According to Brembo, its system can be easily integrated into any existing technical platform. A first “mystery” manufacturer is apparently already planning to use it for some of its vehicle models by 2024. — ETX Studio