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2019/11/17 Czech PM regrets communist past on Velvet Revolution anniversary
2019/11/17 Britain’s Prince Andrew sparks backlash after ‘disastrous’ TV interview
2019/11/17 Hong Kong police officer hit by arrow as protesters dig in at campus
2019/11/17 Thousands protest in Georgia demanding snap polls
2019/11/17 Ethiopian human rights boss battles scant resources
2019/11/17 ‘Yellow vest’ anniversary protests lead to 254 arrests
2019/11/17 Trump says he is in ‘very’ good health after first phase of medical check
2019/11/17 UK Conservatives: No more preferential treatment for EU migrants after Brexit
2019/11/17 UK government will publish Russia report after election, says minister
2019/11/17 Internet restricted in protest-hit Iran, says report
2019/11/17 Khamenei backs Iran gasoline price hike, blames enemies for ‘sabotage’
2019/11/17 Pentagon’s Esper says military justice ready to hold troops to account
2019/11/17 China’s Inner Mongolia reports fresh bubonic plague case
2019/11/17 Taiwan president chooses running mate who Chinese paper wanted arrested
2019/11/17 Hong Kong activists vow to ‘squeeze economy’ as city smoulders
2019/11/17 ‘Terminator’ Rajapaksa storms to victory in Sri Lanka election
2019/11/17 Premadasa concedes Sri Lanka presidential poll to Rajapaksa
2019/11/17 Louisiana’s Democratic governor wins re-election in Republican-leaning state, report media
2019/11/17 Hong Kong protesters clash with police at key campus battleground
2019/11/17 Leaked Chinese government documents show details of Xinjiang clampdown, reports NYT
2019/11/17 Anger, guilt stir Hong Kong’s white collar rebels
2019/11/17 Trump aide curbed access to Ukraine call, fearing fallout
2019/11/17 Sri Lanka’s Rajapaksa in close fight for president, early vote count shows
2019/11/17 Buttigieg surges ahead of Democratic rivals in Iowa, poll shows
2019/11/17 UK PM Johnson’s Conservatives have highest support since 2017, say polls
2019/11/17 US businesswoman says ‘heartbroken’ by Britain’s Johnson
2019/11/17 Chile police stopped rescue workers helping dying protester, says human rights watchdog
2019/11/17 One dead as petrol protests spread in Iran
2019/11/17 Bushfires conditions worsen in east and west Australia
2019/11/17 French protesters, police clash on ‘yellow vest’ anniversary
2019/11/17 Trump visits medical centre to start annual check-up
2019/11/17 White House budget official testifies in impeachment probe
2019/11/16 Choreographed clean-up by Chinese soldiers divide Hong Kong opinion
2019/11/16 White House budget official to testify in impeachment probe on Saturday
2019/11/16 Denmark to end consular assistance to Islamist fighters
2019/11/16 ‘Black Pete’ protested as Dutch children hail St Nicholas
2019/11/16 Venezuela opposition rallies to revive stalled effort to oust Maduro
2019/11/16 US Air Force Chief of Staff hopeful Gulf crisis will end soon
2019/11/16 People’s Liberation Army confirms Chinese soldiers deployed in Hong Kong clean-up
2019/11/16 Prince Andrew says he has no recollection of meeting Epstein accuser
2019/11/16 Paris police use tear gas, water cannon on ‘yellow vest’ protests anniversary
2019/11/16 Indonesia needs to urgently establish data protection law, minister says
2019/11/16 China’s PLA soldiers help clean up Hong Kong streets as protesters leave campuses
2019/11/16 Turkey says it bought Russian S-400s to use them, not put them aside
2019/11/16 One killed in clashes in Iran over fuel price hike
2019/11/16 Inundated Venice braced for more flooding, strong winds
2019/11/16 Bushfires rage across Australia's east and west as danger rises
2019/11/16 Russia exchanges spies with Lithuania, Norway in Cold War-style swap
2019/11/16 Australian man survives croc attack by gouging its eye
2019/11/16 Former Bolivian leader Morales ready to stand aside in new elections