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2019/09/23 Torn by Brexit, Labour votes on way out of EU crisis
2019/09/23 Beijing gives support to US-Taliban talks
2019/09/23 Singaporean joins the fight against peatland fires in Riau
2019/09/23 Russia has formally declared alleged CIA mole missing, search underway
2019/09/23 3 radicalised domestic helpers detained under Singapore's Internal Security Act
2019/09/23 Bomb disposal officers responding to suspect package at UK’s Manchester Airport
2019/09/23 Rouhani says Iran resists sanctions, drives US ‘desperate’
2019/09/23 Medics: Seven children killed in Nairobi classroom collapse
2019/09/23 Rouhani heads to UN in quest to win Iran support against US
2019/09/23 UK believes Iran was behind Saudi oil attacks, says PM Johnson
2019/09/23 ‘Moment of truth’ at key UN climate summit
2019/09/23 Media: Buildings set ablaze amid fresh unrest in Indonesia’s Papua
2019/09/23 Collapse of US-Taliban talks an awkward blow for Pakistan
2019/09/23 Poll: Filipinos give thumbs up to Duterte’s ‘excellent’ drugs war
2019/09/23 Hong Kong cleans up after latest violence ahead of Oct 1 anniversary
2019/09/23 Hong Kong protesters optimistic on US rights legislation
2019/09/23 US man drowns while proposing underwater in Tanzania
2019/09/23 Italian man shoots dad dead after mistaking him for boar
2019/09/23 As global leaders meet, the Amazon rainforest burns
2019/09/23 US emphasises diplomacy in standoff with Iran
2019/09/23 Accused of a crime, woman transfers S$500,000 to scammers to clear her name
2019/09/23 Canada’s Trudeau pledges lower taxes, cellphone costs as blackface scandal hits him in polls
2019/09/23 Eyeing elections, Britain’s Labour plan care spending boost
2019/09/23 Israel’s Arab party support pushes Gantz ahead of Netanyahu
2019/09/23 Make climate fight ‘sexy,’ says Japan’s new environment minister
2019/09/23 ‘Howdy, Modi!’ — Thousands, plus Trump, rally in Texas for India’s leader
2019/09/23 US Democrat Schiff says Trump’s Ukraine call could justify impeachment
2019/09/23 WSJ: Indonesian investigators determine 737 MAX design flaw and oversight lapses in Lion Air crash
2019/09/22 Iran to release seized Swedish tanker, says shipowner
2019/09/22 Dozens of Britons march in southern Spain ahead of Brexit
2019/09/22 Two flights diverted from Dubai due to suspected drones, says airport operator
2019/09/22 Afghanistan’s Taliban meets Chinese government in Beijing
2019/09/22 Tens of thousands march for ban on abortions in Slovakia
2019/09/22 Canada's Trudeau resumes campaign as polls show damage from blackface photo
2019/09/22 Pompeo says US mission is to avoid war with Iran but measures in place to deter
2019/09/22 The party will decide our Brexit position, says UK Labour's Corbyn
2019/09/22 Somalia’s al Shabaab raid military base, loot weapons
2019/09/22 Ten dead in China as truck loses control and hits crowd
2019/09/22 Flights cancelled as Typhoon Tapah approaches Japan
2019/09/22 Sri Lanka orders fresh probe into Easter suicide bombings
2019/09/22 India seizes one tonne of ketamine on boat, arrests six Myanmar crew
2019/09/22 Targeting militants, Nigeria to require ID cards in the northeast
2019/09/22 CNN: Saudi Arabia says if attack launched from Iran, it would be an act of war
2019/09/22 Australia offers Trump only limited commitment on Iran, says PM
2019/09/22 Reactor at worst US nuclear accident site finally closed
2019/09/22 Dozens arrested in Egypt after rare anti-Sisi protests
2019/09/22 Australia to help Trump reach the moon, and beyond
2019/09/22 Canada's Trudeau loses a little ground in first polls since blackface scandal
2019/09/22 Hong Kong riot police curb airport protest after clashes
2019/09/22 Top North Korea negotiator praises Trump's 'new method' suggestion