SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 18 ― It's the latest meme on the social networks. While the news is marked by the rise of the Delta variant, the Covid-19 pandemic is once again at the centre of the trends on the platforms. The humorous trend underlines the danger of the Delta variant and its potential consequences for next fall.

If you have plans for the fall, the Delta variant might have an impact on them...  That's the message behind the new trend making the buzz on social networks in recent days. It is with the help of a meme that this trend has broken through on both Instagram and Twitter.

The procedure to follow? A montage of two photos to show the positive side of the projects planned for the fall and the negative side symbolised by the Delta variant, about to come and ruin everything. Hence the captions “My fall plans / the Delta variant” accompanying the two often humorous images.

On Instagram as well as on Twitter, stars such as actress and producer Mindy Kaling (“Never Have I Ever”), diva Mariah Carey, rapper Snoop Dogg or even award-winning actresses Kerry Washington and Viola Davis have joined in.

Behind this trend, which may make you smile, is a probable reality. The Delta variant is now present in several countries, and with the reduced effectiveness of the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines against it, future projects could well be compromised. This is at least the feeling and the fear of many users, as reflected in this new meme.

In the United States, many companies have announced that they are postponing the return to the office for their employees. This is notably the case of Facebook, whose return to the office is now planned for January 2022. ― ETX Studio


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