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2021/07/31 Twitter to offer 'bounty' to find algorithmic bias
2021/07/30 Acer announces new laptops as well as various Acer Day activities and promotions
2021/07/30 Google to close inactive Play Store developer accounts to keep its ecosystem safe
2021/07/30 Twitter tests shopping in e-commerce move
2021/07/30 BeachBot is a robot that picks up cigarette butts from the beach
2021/07/29 Sony says PS5 sales top 10 million as demand surges
2021/07/29 'Metaverse': The next internet revolution?
2021/07/28 Maxis offers wide range of latest devices under maxis Zerolution from RM1 per month
2021/07/28 Soon, WhatsApp chats on iPhones can be migrated to Android devices with ease
2021/07/28 The iconic Nokia 6310 has been rebooted for 2021 but it doesn’t even support 3G
2021/07/28 Instagram adds safety features after critics fret over service for children
2021/07/27 Facebook assembles team to build ‘metaverse’
2021/07/27 Research shows 75pc of TikTok users have discovered new musical artists via the platform
2021/07/26 Can Facebook's $1b gamble help it regain lost cool?
2021/07/24 Twitter is working on voice filters for Spaces
2021/07/23 Twitter lets selected iOS users downvote replies to tweets
2021/07/23 Audio chat forum Clubhouse opens to all
2021/07/23 You can now auto translate text in Instagram Stories
2021/07/23 You will soon be able to tip your favourite YouTubers
2021/07/22 Spyware for sale: The booming trade in surveillance tech
2021/07/22 How much do Instagram influencers really make?
2021/07/21 Apple to release all 5G enabled iPhones for 2022 lineup, reports Nikkei
2021/07/21 Digital detox: The apps that help you cut down on smartphone use
2021/07/21 Which are the most popular emojis? And some you might want to avoid
2021/07/21 You can now join group calls in progress on WhatsApp
2021/07/20 The easy way to wipe your last 15 minutes of Google search history
2021/07/20 How scientists are trying to give AI 'imagination'
2021/07/20 Incoming to Instagram: The new functions in store
2021/07/17 For World Emoji Day, have fun with Apple's new Memoji updates
2021/07/17 WhatsApp tests breaking free from smartphones
2021/07/17 From handshakes to a disco ball to pregnant men, new emojis are incoming
2021/07/17 Twitter finally rolls out auto-captions for voice tweets
2021/07/16 Facebook launches Soundmojis, the smileys that makes sounds (VIDEO)
2021/07/16 Celcom, Huawei deploys world’s first large-scale smart 8T8R network
2021/07/16 A look at Apple's new accessibility features in Disability Pride Month
2021/07/16 Clubhouse (finally) rolls out direct messaging
2021/07/15 Android 12 allows you to play games instantly before they finish downloading
2021/07/14 Malaysians can now record and upload YouTube Shorts (VIDEO)
2021/07/14 Vacation preparation: Learn a new language on your smartphone
2021/07/14 TikTok opens a pop-up venue in London
2021/07/13 Want to install Windows 3.1 on your iPad? Here’s how
2021/07/13 The app that translates calls in real time, even on WhatsApp and Facebook (VIDEO)
2021/07/12 ‘Super Mario’ cartridge sold for video game record US$1.5m
2021/07/10 Zelda game cartridge sells for ‘world record’ US$870,000 at auction
2021/07/10 This application could help protect young eyes from the effects of screens
2021/07/10 How you could land a new job thanks to TikTok
2021/07/09 Would you pay over RM6,000 for a Qualcomm smartphone?
2021/07/09 China's Tencent turns to facial recognition to snag late-night child gamers
2021/07/09 You can now fast-forward TikTok videos
2021/07/08 Unifi pledges to migrate more of its copper broadband subscribers to fibre