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2020/11/30 Britain bans new Huawei 5G kit installation from September 2021
2020/11/28 New patent suggests Apple is upgrading the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar with Force Touch
2020/11/28 Contact lenses worthy of James Bond to zoom and film in a blink of an eye
2020/11/28 Researchers say Facebook is removing evidence of war crimes
2020/11/27 UN experts sound alarm over AI-enhanced racial profiling
2020/11/26 Nintendo Switch consoles are now made in Malaysia. Here’s why
2020/11/26 Amazon’s cloud service back up after widespread outage
2020/11/26 EU plans data shakeup to boost home-grown innovation
2020/11/26 Schedule future actions with Google Assistant
2020/11/25 Sleevenote is a premium audio player for fans of album artwork (VIDEO)
2020/11/25 The iPhone 12 mini: Easy to hold, easier to love
2020/11/24 Google can sort of 'read minds' now, predicting searches based on your history
2020/11/24 Apple criticises Facebook in letter about upcoming iOS 14 privacy feature
2020/11/24 Robots are taking on new tasks in South Korean hospitals and restaurants
2020/11/24 Snapchat challenges TikTok with curated video feed
2020/11/24 Bug results in Twitter ‘Fleets’ remaining visible after 24 hours
2020/11/21 Internet Archive keeps Flash games alive...without Flash
2020/11/21 Hope for ‘Fortnite’ gamers as developer launches App Store bypass software
2020/11/20 Ever heard of Yubo, the latest social app that's a hit with teens?
2020/11/20 Google launches strong encryption for Android messages
2020/11/20 Privacy not included: How creepy is your connected Christmas present?
2020/11/20 Facebook offers up first-ever estimate of hate speech prevalence on its platform
2020/11/19 Nvidia, Epic to bring ‘Fortnite’ back to iPhones in ‘near future’
2020/11/19 Galaxy A42 5G: This is Samsung Malaysia’s cheapest 5G smartphone
2020/11/19 Boom in demand for friendly hackers as 5G approaches
2020/11/19 Around the world, disappointment and concern accompany 5G roll-outs
2020/11/19 Former Yahoo CEO Mayer makes comeback with new contacts app
2020/11/19 Welcome Wi-Fi 6
2020/11/18 Houseparty, Fortnite partner to let gamers video chat while playing
2020/11/18 The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may have been the last Note ever
2020/11/18 TikTok could surpass one billion active users by 2021
2020/11/18 Launching on Nov 24, will Poco M3 be the new king of budget phones?
2020/11/18 Amazon launches online pharmacy for US consumers
2020/11/18 Will you soon be playing a character that looks like you in 'Fortnite'? (VIDEO)
2020/11/17 Twitter’s new ‘fleets’ will disappear after 24 hours
2020/11/17 Huawei Pay now available in Malaysia
2020/11/17 Is your Mac launching apps slowly on Big Sur?
2020/11/17 Will Huawei regain access to Google apps and services after selling Honor brand?
2020/11/17 A robot wolf is scaring away bears in Japan (VIDEO)
2020/11/17 Sources: Between 1.2 and 1.4 million new Xbox consoles were sold in 24 hours during launch
2020/11/15 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The three Rs of digital waste
2020/11/14 Unused smartphones weigh more than 54 Boeing 747-8 airplanes, says study
2020/11/14 Twitter says flagged 300,000 'misleading' election tweets
2020/11/13 TikTok gets reprieve as US holds off on enforcing ban
2020/11/13 Your personal data is a goldmine, but would you ever consider selling it?
2020/11/13 You can now monitor your pregnancy with a smartwatch
2020/11/13 Google Photos to end free, unlimited storage: What difference does it make for me?
2020/11/13 New PlayStation hits market as console battle with Xbox begins
2020/11/12 Disappointment on social media as Playstation 5 pre-orders sold out in Malaysia
2020/11/12 YouTube back up after worldwide outage