PETALING JAYA, May 11 — K-pop singer Sehun shocked his fans after revealing that he gets up to 100 phone calls from stalkers every day.

The 27-year-old, who is a member of the group EXO, revealed this during an Instagram Live session on his page yesterday.

The Ko Ko Bop rapper was watching music videos with his fans when his livestream was suddenly cut off.

Sehun later came back online and asked fans not to call him, suggesting that a stalker had phoned him up while he was streaming and interrupted the broadcast.

He added that he no longer bothers to change his phone number as stalkers often get hold of it as soon as he switches over to a new one.

“Please, don’t call. I really get around 100 calls a day, but I purposefully don’t change my number. 

“It’s because I still get calls when I change my number. That’s even more bothersome, so I don’t change it,” he said, based on translations by entertainment site Soompi.

Fans expressed shock and anger over Sehun’s predicament and urged his label SM Entertainment to take legal action against the stalkers.

“SM needs to sue these crazy fans! This is really damaging to one’s mental health,” said one fan on Twitter.

“Leave this man alone, I feel so bad for him,” wrote another.

This isn’t the first time Sehun has had to deal with stalkers, known colloquially in South Korea as sasaeng fans.

Back in 2014, Sehun left a strongly-worded message on his Instagram warning stalkers to stop trying to hack into his online accounts.

“This is the first and last time I will say this. Why is it that I receive so many text messages every single day when I haven’t done anything?

“Messages saying authorisation number, password change, logged in with a different IP (address).

“If you continue this ridiculous behaviour, I will not stay put,” he wrote.