Taiwan director Doze Niu accused of sexual assault

Child-actor turn director Niu became famous when 'Monga' won two Golden Horse Awards in 2010. — AFP pic
Child-actor turn director Niu became famous when 'Monga' won two Golden Horse Awards in 2010. — AFP pic

TAIPEI, Dec 7 — Acclaimed Taiwanese director Doze Niu has been accused of sexually assaulting a female crew member working on his latest film, Pao Ma

The alleged assault happened following a meeting at Niu’s home in Taipei when other guests had left, according to Taiwan’s United Daily News.

A friend accompanied the woman to a hospital after the alleged assault in November and a police report was filed on Wednesday.

Niu, who appeared at a Taipei police station for questioning today, said he would cooperate with the investigation.

Speaking to reporters in front of the police station, Niu said: “I have faith and hope that there will be a fair trial.

“But there is another public trial going on now and I have already been handed a death sentence.”

Before taking a deep bow in front of the cameras, he added: “Doze Niu is dead.” 

Known for Taiwanese blockbusters, child-actor turn director Niu became famous when Monga won two Golden Horse Awards in 2010 and took TW$ 59.32 million (RM7.7 million) at the box office on its opening week, ranking higher than Avatar on the box-office charts.

Taiwan has a vibrant film industry and hosts the Golden Horse Awards — dubbed the Chinese language Oscars — but the #MeToo movement, sparked by bombshell sexual assault claims against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, has made little impact.  

Niu previously hit the headlines in 2014, when he was fined and handed a suspended sentence for taking a Chinese cinematographer onto a naval base in Taiwan without authorisation to scout film locations for his movie Paradise in Service

Taiwan has a ban on Chinese nationals from entering military facilities. — AFP

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