SINGAPORE, June 7 — When his ex-girlfriend asked him to repay some money she had lent him, he sent over intimate photos and videos he had secretly taken of her, saying that it was “his business” whether he wanted to return her the cash.

Today, the 23-year-old Malaysian was sentenced to 12 weeks’ jail after pleading guilty to threatening to distribute intimate images and recordings he had taken of the victim without her consent.

He cannot be named due to a gag order to protect the identity of his 21-year-old ex-girlfriend, who is also Malaysian.

The court heard that they dated for three years till January last year. Over the course of their relationship, she lent him money for him to repay his debts.

She continued doing this even after they broke up, but he did not pay her back.

In July last year, they discussed a repayment plan and he agreed to make monthly payments. According to her, he owed her S$12,757 (RM40,730) as of December last year.

On December 10, she asked him about repayment for that month which he had not forked over yet. They then began arguing over the WeChat messaging application, and he said he would stop repaying her.

He also said that he would post online about her if she posted online about him.

She had previously posted an Instagram Story, which automatically disappears after 24 hours, about him owing her money and tagged his Instagram username. This was after he had ignored her messages.

He then sent her seven photos, which showed her changing into a long-sleeved shirt, and two video recordings of her completely nude in the shower. Her face could be clearly seen in some of the photos and videos.

He had taken the videos when they were still dating by entering the bathroom while she was showering and waving his mobile phone around. She had told him not to take any videos.

After he sent her the obscene material, he reiterated that he would not pay her back and threatened to upload the material if she made any online posts about him.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Emily Zhao told the court: “He also told the victim that she had willingly lent him money, and whether he wanted to return the money was his business. He told her not to bother him just because he owed her money.”

He deleted the offending material a few days later without uploading anything. The victim then lodged a police report at Clementi Neighbourhood Police Centre.

He was arrested on May 26 this year. When the police examined his electronic devices, they found one of the semi-nude images on his mobile phone.

He could have been jailed for up to five years, fined, caned, or received any combination of the three punishments. — TODAY