KUALA LUMPUR, March 23 — Johor DAP’s outspoken leader Dr Boo Cheng Hau has today called on Lim Guan Eng to relinquish his post as the party’s recently appointed national chairman due to his ongoing corruption case.

He said Lim should step down and let DAP’s newly elected central executive committee (CEC) members be free of any baggage in order to lead the party forward, regain public confidence and face the upcoming general election with the best standings.

Dr Boo also reminded that DAP cannot allow the party’s credibility to crumble due to mistakes made by a few prominent leaders.

“Any leader who is affected by corruption charges and scandals should step down for his love for the party, rather than using the rhetoric of “political persecution” to gain public sympathy.

“Or else would voters’ have any confidence towards the party’s consistency in our stands and principles?” Dr Boo questioned in a statement issued here today regarding Lim and his ongoing undersea tunnel corruption trial that he did not name.

The Johor DAP committee member stood by his opinion that leaders facing corruption and criminal charges should not continue to hold any public office until his charges are cleared by the Court of Law.

“Such leaders should take the initiative to resign from any public office to avoid sending a wrong signal on DAP’s values to the general public and affecting the party’s standings in the next general election,” he said.

Dr Boo, who is the former Johor DAP chief and also state Opposition leader, said in accordance with the principles of law, Lim is innocent until proven guilty.

“If he is proven innocent in court, he shall be welcomed back to recover his party post.

“Nonetheless, a clear and world-class party position would help the party win more public credibility and confidence.

“I believe the National Chairman (Lim) is a capable leader and would be able to make a comeback anytime if he is proven innocent in court,” said Dr Boo.

Dr Boo also called on party mentor Lim Kit Siang to also advise his son, the younger Lim, to relinquish his position.

“DAP’s mentor should advise our party’s national chairman to relinquish his post to avoid putting the party values on trial than his own personal issues.

“I believe a decisive resignation from his post is actually good for the national chairman and the party’s image.

“DAP cannot condone Umno’s ways of handling issues like this while we strive to be a world-class political party for a world-class Malaysia,” said Dr Boo in reference to Umno’s leadership where party president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and party advisor Datuk Seri Najib Razak are embroiled in cases linked to money laundering and corruption charges.

Dr Boo also gave an example on the Opposition Workers’ Party and the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) in Singapore, where both would take a consistent stand and action on party leaders or members facing corruption charges or being bogged down by scandals.

He said they have to either quit the party or be expelled in an effort to draw a clear line between a leader’s individual responsibility on his self actions and the party’s actual principles and stands on issues.

“This is more of what a world-class political party should be managed. DAP and it’s National Chairman should abide by the world-class leaders’ standards and temporarily relinquish his post and face his corruption charges in court without involving the party.

“This would maintain the party’s credibility and public confidence,” he said.

Dr Boo also urged DAP deputy national chairman Gobind Singh Deo to recuse himself from acting as Lim’s counsel in court to avoid any conflict of interest, including the possibility of replacing him as the chairman.