KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 20 — Malaysia today recorded 2,589 additional Covid-19 cases, which is also the first time such figures have fallen below the 3,000 mark since early May 2021.

The last time that daily Covid-19 cases in Malaysia fell below the 3,000-mark was on May 4, when 2,500 Covid-19 cases were reported.

With the addition of the 2,589 Covid-19 cases today, the total tally so far since the pandemic began is over 2.7 million cases or 2,721,544 cases.

A total of 3,810 patients recovered today, bringing the total recovery so far to 2,638,191. This represents a 96.9 per cent recovery rate of all Covid-19 cases recorded nationwide.

Out of the 2,589 Covid-19 cases recorded today, 97.5 per cent or 2,523 were in the less severe categories of 1 and 2, while 66 cases or 2.5 per cent were in the more severe categories of 3, 4 and 5.

Out of the 2,589 new cases as of noon today, 2,543 were locally transmitted (2,427 Malaysians or 95.4 per cent and 116 were non-citizens at 4.6 per cent), while 46 were imported cases (35 Malaysians and 11 non-Malaysians).

As of today, 379 cases require treatment in intensive care units (with 307 being confirmed Covid-19 cases and 72 suspected, probable or cases under investigation), with 210 of these patients requiring respiratory support (142 confirmed cases, and 68 suspected, probable and cases under investigation).

As of noon today, there were a total of 6,082 clusters including three new clusters, 5,831 clusters which have ended and 251 clusters still active.