PORT DICKSON, April 21 — The word “Allah”  is sacred and specifically for Islam and Muslims, and cannot be used by or equated with other religions, said Negri Sembilan Islamic Religious Council (MAINS) chairman Datuk Dr Abdul Aziz Sheikh Ab Kadir.

In maintaining harmony and unity of the people in the state, as well as the sensitivity of every citizen and religion, he said the non-Muslims are advised to abide by existing laws, and for the Muslims, to adhere to the gazetted fatwa (edict) on the use of the word.

He referred to the fatwa in Negeri Sembilan, which was gazetted on Sept 14, 2016, requiring Muslims to use the word “Allah” carefully.

“If there are elements of insult or abuse of the word, then action must be taken in accordance with the law as enshrined in the Federal Constitution,” he told reporters here. 

He said there is a law in Negeri Sembilan that was formulated based on Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution to deal with the issue and cited the state enactment on the control and restriction on the propagation of other religions among Muslims (Enactment No.9/1991).

The enactment listed a total of 36 words, including “Allah”, that were prohibited and could not be associated with religions other than Islam.  — Bernama