PAS assembly approves resolution for alliance with Umno

Mohd Asri Mat Daud speaks during the 58th PAS Dewan Ulama convention in Kuantan June 20,2019. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri
Mohd Asri Mat Daud speaks during the 58th PAS Dewan Ulama convention in Kuantan June 20,2019. — Picture by Ahmad Zamzahuri

KUANTAN, June 22 — PAS today approved a resolution in support of a political alliance with Umno at its 65th annual congress here.

This resolution comes amid some members indicating that the political cooperation should have some restrictions and conditions.

The resolution was read out by Dewan Ulama Information Chief Asri Daud on the second day of the Muktamar, and was originally brought forth by the Dewan Ulama divisions in Pandan, Kota Raja, Serdang, Kuala Pilah, Sungai Besar, and Temerloh.

“It has been recognised that there is an urgent need to widen the taawun and tahaluf siyasi (political cooperation and understanding) approach in current politics as the foundation of strengthening the unity of the ummah in the nation,” he said at the Pahang Sports Complex’s Indoor Stadium where the Muktamar is taking place.

Asri said the taawun and tahaluf siyasi is in line with Islamic demands and the current requirements for strengthening Islamic teachings, expanding da’wah (proliferation) and protecting the interests of the people and the nation.

“PAS allows itself formalise ties with organisations and associations that is not against the party, or otherwise contrary to Malaysian laws.

“Therefore the resolution calls for the PAS central leadership and the Shura Council to ratify the co-operation with Umno and other political parties. At the same time there should be basic guidelines, conditions, and limits to co-operation with these parties, while our relationship with Gagasan Sejahtera component parties should be augmented,” he said.

During the debate over the resolution, Bangi delegate Shafie Ngah said he supported the idea of cooperation with guidelines.

“This will ensure that it can prevent one side from interfering in the other’s affairs. For example if Umno opens a new branch or division but the officiating is by PAS figures, which will be confusing for many.

“Likewise in our eagerness for cooperation, we should not forget our own Gagasan Sejahtera friends and partners,” he said, referring to Berjasa and Ikatan.

In contrast to Shafie, Rembau delegate Bazli Bakar asked the Muktamar if there is a roadmap for the 15th general elections, which will indicate where the MPs from each respective party will contest.

“Perhaps the leaders can consider the idea where if an Umno MP is elected into office, he or she can draw political secretaries from PAS, and vice-versa,” he said.

The motion was passed with near-unanimous support from the other delegates, as they rose and cried out “God is Great!” throughout the hall.

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